Sep 24, 2014

Top Ten: All Time Farm Busts

 With all the hype building in spring training with such players as Jenrry Mejia, Ike Davis and even after Saturday’s 2 homers, K-Mart, I can barely contain myself thinking about what could be. However, as a Met fan for every David Wright and Jose Reyes there are 10 Aaron Heilman’s. Guys that were can’t miss and going to lead this club to the promised land. So this week’s top ten is designed to remind us that until you see Davis, Mejia et. al in the All-Star game, don’t get too excited.

Top 10 All Time Mets Farm System Busts:

10. Jeromy Burnitz: Was supposed to be next the Straw. He did nothing for us, then left and did well then came back and did terrible again.

9. Alex Escobar: These guy was can’t miss and was expected to be a huge superstar, did absolutely nothing with his career.

8. Alex Ochoa: See Alex Escobar

7. Jay Payton: had a few good seasons but never lived up to the hype, I have a tape where Bob Murphy declares he is going to be a superstar, that never happened. Decent career but not spectacular.

6. Butch Huskey: Was supposed to be next big power hitter, only thing he was, was big and lots of K’s and low BA.

5. Aaron Heilman: Supposed to be a top of the line starter, a role he never even filled with the Mets, boy I hate this guy.

4. Lastings Milledge: Was supposed to follow Reyes and Wright as the next Mets superstar, hasn’t even become a star with Nats or Bucs, much happier with Francoeur instead.

3. Generation K (Bill Pulsipher, Jason Isringhausen, Paul Wilson): The next Seaver, Koosman and Ryan, injuries derailed those hopes and only one even had a good career.

2. Gregg Jefferies: I love this guy and he showed flashes but he was definitely the golden boy and did not achieve anything close to what was thought.

1. Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden: Yes, I love these guys too, and they had all-star careers but I think if you asked them not getting to the Hall Of Fame meant that they did not live up to the hype. Unlike, others on this list who failed just because they weren’t good these guys failed due to their own personal demons.

Time will tell: Mike Pelfrey, F-Mart, Eddie Kunz: I could definitely see these guys being added to this top 10 list one day, if they don’t pan out.

I know many people will have arguments with this list but as MLB Networks says I am here to start debates not end them.

  • Brian Miller

    I gotta put Generation K at #1 for me. It was 3 guys. Three freaking guys and not a single one of them panned out.

    I hear what your saying about Doc and Darryl but I don’t hold them to the same accord as the rest of the list.

    As for other mentions – I would probably put Ochoa at #2 for me, I remember hearing about this guy ALL the time for years and he did zero. The equivalent would be F-Mart if he never does anything, years of hype.

    For some reason I loved Butch Huskey. Probably the most awesome name for a power hitter in a long long time. At the same time anyone who ever “scouted” that guy and thought he would be big time should have been fired immediately. It was pretty apparent from the start that he wasn’t going to do much. He was your typical Mets Spring Training Wonder.

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