This wont be a rant about how they need to cut Oliver Perez. I have beaten that dead horse and it’s obvious they aren’t going to cut the guy loose. This is about the other dead weight on the roster. Specifically Gary Matthews Jr and Fernando Tatis.

It’s time that the Mets bid these guys adieu and send them on their way. Why are we carrying so much dead weight on this roster? Yes I know Jerry, Tatis is your 3rd string emergency apocalyptic cather, I get it. The rest of us aren’t amused.

This is a perfect opportunity for the Mets as an organization to send a signal. Let the kids down in the minors know that if they work hard and produce at the AAA level (or even AA if that’s their case) they can potentially be rewarded with a call up. Why did it take so long to call up Ike Davis? Chris Carter? They have proven to be huge leaps over the “veterans” they replaced. Not to mention better fits in the clubhouse as well. It’s time to get rid of dead weight.

Why not give Jesus Feliciano a shot? The guy’s only hitting .403 over 150 at bats. That’s just about more then GMJ and Tatis combined. He’s also 31 so don’t give me the line about needing to mature to handle NY. What about Tejada instead of Cora when Castillo inevitable goes on the DL, he’s hitting .296 over 160 at bats. There are other guys worth a look too like Mike Hessman. Not to mention Daniel Murphy who is rehabbing well.

I know these aren’t perfect solutions. They are realistic solutions that could resonate down the organization. Guys will get the point that there is potential for a reward if they work hard. Right now they have to wonder what their future is with the Mets. If nothing else it infuses some hunger in the team.

Granted we have no idea if guys like Tejada, Hessman and Feliciano can hit at the Major League level, but we damn well know at this point that GMJ can’t, and Tatis isn’t much better.