Being a basketball coach doesn’t allow me the time I would love to have to concentrate on other interests I have. However, with winter break here for me, I have some time to focus on New York sports. Of course, as I sit down and relax, my the Football Giants decide to take a short cut to the golf course. Bored and with no football hopes this weekend, I looked under my Christmas tree and started to get Mets fever. The 50 year DVD set and new alternate hat strengthened my desire to start thinking about Met baseball once again. With these good feelings about the Mets, I figured I’d check out the pundit.

As Brian has mentioned in the past, with careers and family, fourth place finishes, and of course the ownership it can be very hard to blog like we once did on this site. I give tremendous credit to all bloggers out there, it is much harder then it seemed to stay fresh and creative. I am still here though, watching as many games as I can, watching as much SNY and listening to as much WFAN as possible, still bleeding that orange and blue.

Much has happened for this club lately and I’d like to check in with my opinions. I love the Wright deal, for a team that as Ron Darling once said has had a lot of lows and not as many highs, it is important for us to build up the history and tradition of this club. DWright has many Met records and is on his way to becoming the best offensive player in club history. It would be great for the person who owns all these records to start his career a Met and end his career as a Met. I’m sick of seeing our home grown talent leave us in their prime, i.e. Seaver, Strawberry, Reyes et. Al. It is with David, we will move into a new era, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d love to see sipping that champagne once again in Flushing.

Don’t get me wrong, I just talked about history and tradition and as great it is to see a Met win a very rare award for a Met such as the Cy Young award R.A. Dickey won, I feel the Mets made the correct move in moving him. The Mets have proven they can scout when they stole Zack Wheeler from the Giants. I trust and feel the Mets may have pulled off a similar coup by bringing Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard into the organization.

Dickey was a great story, seemed like a helluva guy and made the Mets watchable again. However, the Mets still finished in fourth place. Going into 2013, even if Dickey could repeat 2012, I don’t feel that was going to put the Mets in a position to make the playoffs. The Mets also will save $25 million that hopefully they could spend prior to the 2014 to bring in some reinforcements. If just one of those two prospects pans out, the Mets will have someone who could help this team for the next ten years. Not to mention by acquiring the top catching prospect in baseball, I can have faith that the Mets can be successful as we were under Carter and Piazza.  All in all, I have to give Alderson an A on this move.

We Met fans must remain patient, 2013 is not going to be a championship year for this team but we can all hope that the season can be more of a 1968, 1984 or 2005. Those season saw the development of young players who grew together to form championship teams in the next coming seasons. If Wheeler, Harvey, d’Arnaud and Syndergaard can join together with the Wright’s and Davis’ of the team then we might just be looking at a rebirth of winning in Queens.