Well, I hope at least. In past blogs, I’ve referred to the Mets as in a very similar situation to the Knicks. However, I think the Mets have changed their mojo a lot quicker then it took the Knicks too. As I eluded to over the past few seasons, the Mets issuesstemmed from Jerry Manuel to Omar Minaya et al.

I think the new Mets brain trust will at least lead the team in the right direction this season. Trust me, I don’t think the Mets are going to even make the playoffs this year. Maybe contending for the Wild Card into deep August or September would please me. I don’t know if success this season will be matched in wins and losses. I think it will be just changing the culture, getting rid of the cancers of the team and locker room and getting a winning feeling amongst the team.

My idea is that Alderson will try to clean up the roster and focus on player development in the minors and the draft. We know that for awhile the big spending days may be over and the Mets will look to pick up players along the way like the champion Giants did. An Aubrey Huff, a Cody Ross, this are the guys I feel we will go after. Guys you need on a pennant winner, not what the Mets tried to do and that was copy the Yankees and just throw money at everyone.

2005 was kind of an exciting season, we cleaned up after the previous manager had made a mess, we had youngsters who were also showing signs and it led to a winning season and for the next year a magical season. I am hoping that this Alderson/Collins combination can do that. Make it exciting, make me want to watch every game, make me want to spend my money at Citi Field and I will be a happy man.