By now you have probably heard about the rant that Craig Carton made on WFAN this morning or maybe you even read Mike Lupica’s column in the Daily News this morning. The rumors are now circulating that Jose Reyes’ thyroid problems “could” be linked to HGH use.

I think it shows the sad state of society that athletes are always guilty until proven innocent. As I talked about in a earlier blog, as soon as news was made that David Wright was bigger after the off-season, I heard people calling WFAN to say that he probably was on the juice as well. Now Jose Reyes gets diagnosed with a problem that “could” be a side effect of HGH and he is guilty in the mind of the media without any credible information.

I think it is unfortunate for anyone to have a medical issue, now I know I’ve read that this is not too serious of a condition but it would be nice if he could even go take the tests and see if everything is alright before this media circus began. Is this where we are going? Anytime, anyone has a medical issue will it be tied to PED’s?

Unlike most callers to WFAN today, I went online and did some research. This thyroid problem can affect anyone at any age. Even though it did say women in their 20’s were more frequent. The doctors also said it “could” be an affect which means they don’t even have concrete info, if one has to do with the other.

Unfortunately, I feel that PED’s are part of the game. Especially without a concrete test for HGH. I feel pretty confident that a lot of players have either experimented or currently use such PED’s. I know I don’t want to admit it but I’m sure that includes players on my favorite team. I hope that this story with Reyes turns out to not be true but it wouldn’t shock me.

Even with that attitude, I still feel people need to stop always trying to bring people down. People will always be jealous of professional athletes and I feel that media, and fans alike will stop at no end to try to destroy people’s careers. This to me truly is sad, and let me finish by saying this, if Jose Reyes is using PED’s, I would bet that a lot of people who we don’t think are using are using.