Consider this your warning incumbents. Your years of experience, your huge contracts in some cases, and your incumbent status don’t mean much to a team like the Mets. You need to work your ass off and perform. Because if you don’t, your gone. The kids are kicking down the door.

Have multiple prospects flourishing in spring training is a great problem to have.  The debate about what should be done with them is fun for fans. When they fully deserve to win the starting  job, yet you can still leave them down in AAA to season a bit longer. It’s a great position to be in.

Even if they do get sent down to AAA they will still have a great impact on the big club. Just their presence down there, a phone call away, should really push players who are reminded every day by the media that their jobs are in jeopardy. Guys like Daniel Murphy and Jeff Francoeur really need to get off to good starts. They really don’t have any wiggle room when you consider the springs that Ike Davis and Fernando Martinez are having.

If the Mets didn’t really love Frenchy and what he brings to the clubhouse, you can bet they would already be considering starting FMart in RF. Why RF? They wouldn’t make that move for a 1 month audition to cover Beltran. They would want to bring the kid up and let him play.  Additionally there are a lot of people close to the Mets that don’t think FMart is a centerfielder. This is puzzling because all he does in the minors is play CF. Ike Davis on the other hand has really done everything he can to be the opening day firstbaseman. Unfortunately with Murhpy the Mets hands are sort of tied. They have to give him a chance since there is no where else to play the guy. They have to at least give him a chance to build up value so they can then trade him for some value.   If Murphy struggles either at the plate or in the field, Ike could be here sooner rather then later. I think Murphy get’s one shot, they will not coddle him like they did last year. He will get a chance to flourish, or fall flat.

There are other players that are really lighting up camp. Maybe you’ve heard the name Jenrry Mejia? If you haven’t then you really haven’t been paying attention. Aside from all the comparison nonsense I think the biggest question about this kid is do we potentially hamper his progression as a starting pitcher by pitching him in the bullpen this year? It’s really a matter of team philosophy.  He is very young so by pitching him in the pen you will limit his innings and allow him to learn in the bigs a bit.  By doing so you will slow down his development of extra pitches that are imperative if he is ever going to be a major league starter. This decision is coming, be it before or after opening day, but it’s a tough decision that is going to have to be made.  It could have ramifications down the road for Mejia, so it needs to be made with caution.

Omar has already been forced to change his mind. Two weeks ago he said publicly there was no way Mejia was staying up with the club for opening day. That he was definitely being sent down to the minors. A few days ago he changed that statement saying he was definitely in the competition for a bullpen job.

There are other guys too: Josh Thole and Reese Havens to name two. Wonderkid Wilmer Flores is still very young, but all of them are showing promise. Lets hope the days of fat-cat players that are rich and lazy for this team are over. We need to build within in order to push the players at the top. Let’s also hope that Omar doesn’t go and completely trade away the farm in an effort to save his job, which is a big worry of mine. I am a fan for life so I think long term/big picture, Omar is a GM for another year, at best.