Blog Classic: Gary, Keith,and Ron Drinking Game

We here at draw a lot of inspiration from other Mets websites. It is amazing what you can learn about the Mets by investigating the internet. Every now and then I would like to point out some great stuff that other sites are putting out. Since it is early in spring training, I thought I would keep today’s entry light. This however is by far one of the best blogs I have ever read, I haven’t tried it yet but it’s coming….

All credit goes to Amazin’ Avenue and┬áJames Kannengieser!

One sip:

- Keith uses the expression “second division” to describe teams like the Padres or Nationals
- The delicious Citi Field food is brought up
- Self-deprecation by Ron
- Keith calls an RBI a “ribeye steak”
- Any reference to Gary and Ron’s Ivy League backgrounds
- Keith talks about Sag Harbor, the eastern Long Island town where he lives
- Frustration with the Mets detected in Gary’s voice
- Keith fondly remembers his days with the Cardinals
- They are wearing powder blue polo shirts
- Ron tells a funny story about Sid Fernandez, Ray Knight, or any other member of the 1980s Mets
- Keith mentions his wife Kai by name
- Anyone calls Citi Field “Shea”
- Keith complains about the lack of aggressiveness by a first baseman
- Gary refers to any single play as a microcosm of the season
- Keith’s scorecard is discussed
- Any mention of Rusty Staub; bonus sip if “Le Grande Orange” is said
- With a full count, 2 outs, and runners on base, Gary says “the merry-go-round is in motion”
- Keith refers to Howard Johnson as “Haji”
- Kevin Burkhardt calls game action in the middle of one of his sideline interviews
- Keith gives advice to “all the kids out there”
- Ron talks about his final seasons in Oakland
- Anyone marvels at the Coors Light Freeze Cam or some other SNY technological breakthrough
- Keith’s moustache is brought up

Two sips:

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