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Upset? No Way Jose!

If you are a realist you saw this coming a mile away, no way was Jose Reyes coming back. However, in my opinion this is a good thing. The way the Mets are currently constructed adding Jose Reyes to mix isn’t the piece that is going to get them back to the World Series. With or without Jose this team is fighting for at best third place. Why should the Mets add another $20 million dollar contract to the mix and give this team less flexibility in the future when they may actually be a piece or two away from playoff contention.

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I jokingly was knocking Brian the other day about being too negative about the team. But watching this game against the Nats and watching Castillio hit into a double play, I just can’t take these stats they are spewing out...

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Mets Projected Lineup

Well with a few days left we are looking at the projected lineup for the 2010 New York Mets.  I am looking at the opening day lineup and also next week when Reyes comes back, I will also give my two cents on a lineup and...

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Reyes cleared to begin swinging

Mike Puma reported today for the NY Post that Jose Reyes is set to begin taking swings and other baseball activities. After 4 days of running and general conditioning, Jose feels his legs are back under him enough for him to...

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