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This Is Not Working

The Mets may have interchanged some players over the past few seasons but it doesn’t matter. Hell, bring the 1927 Yankees out but have them be led by imbeciles and they would probably struggle. That is exactly what has...

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A Day Late, A Buck Short

The Mets are struggling. I guess the only positive that we can take out of this, is that Jerry Manuel should start to feel the heat again. Like I’ve posted on this website, I did not attribute the 9 and 1 homestand to him...

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  • Just spent $200 on outdoor light bulbs. Ain't home ownership grand?!?
  • @discopauly Nice to see the decisions are frustrating the front office, you'd think the LOSSES would be frustrating
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  • You have a pitching staff massively underachieving,they can't throw strikes,and piss poor bullpen management. How is Warthen still employed?
  • When your management basically says before the game theyre waving the white flag on this game,is it any surprise the lineup comes out limp?