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Move Ike to Cleanup

The funny thing is that after all the debating back and forth for months on if Jerry Manuel moving Jose Reyes to the 3rd spot in the order was a good idea or not, it’s proven not to matter. It doesn’t matter because...

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Jason Bay must sit

This is getting ridiculous. Jason Bay is having a horrible start. I am not giving up on him so take it easy, but it’s time to let the guy sit down and clear his head. Have the guys take him out and get him smashed and take...

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Welcome To New York

I think the biggest thing I take from Opening Day is the depth in the Mets lineup. It looks like if the Mets are going to go far this season, it’s going to be there offense that is going to have to pick up their pitching...

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Bay Is Changing My Mind

I have to admit that while the Mets were in negotations with Jason Bay, I said forget him. If he doesn’t wanna be here then he can walk. I also need to be realistic, baseball is a business and I doubt it ever really comes...

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