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Bats Explode In 8th

Trailing 6-2 coming into the bottom of the 8th, it looked inevitable that the Mets were going to continue a 3 game slide which would include a loss of the series to the Nats. Then it happened, a 6 run eighth-inning and the Mets...

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Move Ike to Cleanup

The funny thing is that after all the debating back and forth for months on if Jerry Manuel moving Jose Reyes to the 3rd spot in the order was a good idea or not, it’s proven not to matter. It doesn’t matter because...

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Mets Video Of The Day

Haha, I love this pic, I guess if Ike Davis doesn’t hit his weight in Queens, maybe they can give him a tryout for the 5th spot in the rotation. Anyways, here are some Ike Davis video links for you. Where Ike Davis...

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Let The Ike Era Begin

Well folks, it looks like after a few weeks of having to watch Mike Jacobs do absolutely nothing, the powers that be have had enough. Not like every single Met fan could have predicted this during spring training but the Mets...

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Great Graphic on Murphy vs Davis

I was reading The Real Dirty Mets Blog when I stumbled across this graphic.  It shows very plainly how the two players have faired this spring training.  The numbers do not lie.  And when you factor in on top of that that Davis...

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