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Bats Explode In 8th

Trailing 6-2 coming into the bottom of the 8th, it looked inevitable that the Mets were going to continue a 3 game slide which would include a loss of the series to the Nats. Then it happened, a 6 run eighth-inning and the Mets...

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I jokingly was knocking Brian the other day about being too negative about the team. But watching this game against the Nats and watching Castillio hit into a double play, I just can’t take these stats they are spewing out...

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Move Ike to Cleanup

The funny thing is that after all the debating back and forth for months on if Jerry Manuel moving Jose Reyes to the 3rd spot in the order was a good idea or not, it’s proven not to matter. It doesn’t matter because...

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New Year, New Leadership

Been thinking a lot about this years New York Mets lately.  As spring training quickly approaches I am trying to remain positive and search out new considerations on why I think this team will fair better then in the past.  I...

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