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Rally Killer No More

                                                                       Got this on the wire, that’s because the human rally killer was on my NL only Fantasy team: Mets designated first baseman Mike Jacobs for assignment....

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Murph Out 2-6 Weeks

UPDATE: Eddie Coleman has just called the Fan to tell Mike, that Murph will be out 2-6 weeks. Ed thinks Jacobs will become the starting first baseman. Ed is talking to Omar later to see if Ike will be back. SNY has reported that...

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Great Graphic on Murphy vs Davis

I was reading The Real Dirty Mets Blog when I stumbled across this graphic.  It shows very plainly how the two players have faired this spring training.  The numbers do not lie.  And when you factor in on top of that that Davis...

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Mike’d Up from PSL

As a relocated New Yorker, I sometime have to do things I don’t like to, to get my New York Sports news. One of those things is listening to the Anti-Mets, Mike Francesa show. If you want more of my opionion on Mike,...

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