My favorite NY sports-talk personalities

While I hate to admit it, I listen to a lot of the buzz surrounding New York sports. ¬†From several hours a day on WFAN and ESPN Radio, to catching a bunch of the shows on SNY. ¬†My wife thinks I am absolutely crazy because she says that all they do is talk about the same things, and she’s right.

But it’s sort of like after tuning in to a lot of these people so often, I want to see what they think on a certain issue. ¬†What’s their perspective. ¬†When the Mets or Jets blow a big game in a big way I know the next day I have to listen to the WFAN Mid-day show to listen to Joe Benigno go off on the team. ¬†I know that if the Mets ever do win a World Series, wherever I am that next day, you better believe I will be tuning into the Mike Francesa show just to hear how he tries to patronize the Mets with his arrogant tongue-in-cheek commentary. ¬†It’d be so fun to watch him squirm.

Here’s a list I came up with for my personal favorites. ¬†I was kinda surprised when I actually sat down and thought about it.

Craig Carton“Boomer and Carton” WFAN. ¬†These guys can often have an advantage because they are the first ones I hear talking about the issues of the day. ¬†They benefit from the fact that the events of yesterday aren’t stale yet. ¬†Even so, I would probably listen to them no matter where they were broadcast on the schedule. ¬†I just like Carton and like how he seems like a real dude to me. ¬†Eddie had a good point mentioning that he’s pretty much in our age area and thus a lot of his references to pop culture and sports history are right in my wheelhouse. ¬†He’s brash, a little off-center, and at times he tries too hard, and I like that.

Brandon Tierney, ESPN Radio, Wheelhouse SNY. ¬†I love the way BT looks at sports. ¬†He doesn’t cut them much slack, but at the same time he will tell fans they are being retarded when they are. ¬†It’s also refreshing when a guy seems to really have fun doing his job, and why the hell not, you are covering sports for a living. ¬†He could have challenged for the #1 spot but he’s unfortunately a Yankees and Jets fan, and when the article is written by a Giants and Mets fan, that will cost you.

Joe Benigno, Joe and Evan WFAN, Daily News Live SNY. ¬†Joe is like that crazy uncle for me. ¬†I have been listening him for a long time now, hell since he did the overnights. ¬†I love his passion for the Mets and really feel his pain. ¬†The main problem is he is just too negative. ¬†I mean I understand, the guy has been ¬†a Jets and Mets fan for some 4o years, imagine the grief. ¬†Joe strikes me as the guy if you held a contest and picked some fan off the street and said “here you go, talk on the radio.” ¬†I feel like I am hanging out in my garage talking baseball when I listen to Joe.

Chris Carlin, Loud Mouths SNY, Mets Pre/Post Game SNY. ¬†I developed a liking for “the Continent” when he was the WFAN lackey. ¬†He would fill in and fill in and fill in and never get a show. ¬†When he left WFAN I was pretty sad cause I had grown to like him. ¬†But I was happy to see him land with the Mets pre and post game shows and then Loud Mouths. ¬† ¬†I think he does a great job on these shows, especially not being afraid to be critical of the team and organization. ¬†He’s a big character and a like Carton I think I tend to have a similar vibe in the sports world with him. Yeah he’s a complete Rutgers homer, but he definitely doesn’t act that way with the Mets. Much like Carton and Benigno, Carlin strikes me as a fan that landed his dream job. Can’t hate on that. I really prefer the fan over the journalist I am finding.

Alexi Panos, Beer Money SNY. It didn’t feel right not to have a lady on the list. And despite the fact that my man Chris Carlin is on the show too, I never watch for him. She’s the rare double threat of being ridiculously hot, and also knows a lot about sports. Lets run down the list, a) super hot b) above average sports IQ c) loves the Mets d) spends a lot of time in bars. Man oh man if she isn’t marriage material then I don’t know what is.

There is a quick list of my top New York Sports-talk personalities. ¬†There are certainly more but I figured I would limit it to just 5 or so. ¬†I have this real urge that I am forgetting someone so I am sure you will mention “what about ….” and I will feel like an idiot.