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The Vegas Corner

I will continue my look at the Mets from a Vegas perspective. I will use the number of a bettor trying to win $100 if the Mets are a favorite, and will bet $100 if the Mets are an underdog. I will also keep track of the...

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Top 5 Mets Rivals

As the season fast approaches I wanted to take a look at the pulse of the Mets fanbase and see how people feel about the competition out there. Rivalry is such an overused word by most sports broadcasts that it tends to get...

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Get your Mets fix tomorrow!

Like any junkie I will be watching my TV tomorrow at 1pm as the Mets pre-season schedule kicks off against the Atlanta Braves. It feels like we’ve been waiting forever but it’s finally starting. Bring on the boys of...

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The Myth about Citi Field

There has been a lot of talk since it opened about how Citi Field is where power hitters go to die. I too was of this opinion after watching all the Mets home games. But after reading a few articles and looking at some of the...

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New Year, New Leadership

Been thinking a lot about this years New York Mets lately.  As spring training quickly approaches I am trying to remain positive and search out new considerations on why I think this team will fair better then in the past.  I...

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