I love confidence, I sometimes even love cocky. I mean I am a Jordan fan, the Fab 5, Darryl, Doc and the 86 Mets but i’ve had enough. Every spring training I have to hear about someone on the Mets stating how good we are. Then I have go watch as we choke away leads and/or finish in 4th place. SHUT UP! Go play the game, if we can make the playoffs then talk your trash. But with debacle after debacle, we should learn from the old addage of don’t talk the talk, if you can’t walk the walk. First I hear Wright has us all set up for October baseball, now Johan states he is the best pitcher in the NL east. Then I have to see how Halladay takes the high road. God, can we just play and prove with on field performance that we are good, instead of just saying it. Yes, we have had the best team on paper for 4 years now and it’s gotten us nowhere. So do me a favor Metsies put up or shut up!!!