There has been a lot of talk about how Jenry Mejia and Ike Davis should be on the opening day roster with the Mets.

Both have been performing spectacularly during spring training thus far and there is a lot of excitement surrounding these two.

Everyone loves prospects.  They are like that unscratched lottery ticket, they can be anything you want them to be.  Unfortunately for the Mets they all too often turn into that scratched ticket that was one liberty bell away from a free soft-drink.

I am not concerned about the merits of either play breaking camp with the big club.  What concerns me is my growing fear that the manager and GM don’t exactly have this teams best interest in mind when making these kinds of decisions.

There is no denying that both men are on very hot seats, and they have to get off to a good start this season or their careers in baseball could be over.  For an individual that’s a lot at stake.  So much in fact, that you will really consider doing anything to give yourself an edge.  This is what concerns me, will they decide in favor of a short term solution that may harm the teams overall long term success?

Big picture I would really rather see Mejia and Davis both spend a year down in AAA with the likes of Josh Thole and Fernando Martinez.  Letting these guys season down there and learn to be professional athletes will serve them well for years to come.  Rushing them up and putting them under the bright lights when they might not be ready could crush their careers (see the vast list of Mets failed “cant miss”  and “five tool” prospects from the past).

Could Mejia or Davis make this club?  They are sure making a case for it.  I’d rather Mejia spend the season being a starter and build a nice base of results for us to make decisions.  I do not trust this teams baseball sense to make that decision based on “hunches” or “instincts” or what they see.  I want to know he isn’t cut out for the starting pitching role before we convert him.  I understand that making him the 8th inning guy wont mean he can never be a starter, but I also don’t want another Joba Chamberlain scenario either.  And lets be honest, the 8th inning is a pressure cooker role.  It’s not like he’s coming in for mop-up duty.  Look what it did for Aaron Heilman, that kid wanted out of New York in the worst way.

I’d probably lean more towards Ike Davis staying up if we had any other use for Murphy.  Truth is Murphy can’t play anywhere else and by keeping Davis we are basically giving up on Murphy.  Davis is 23 years old so more mature and probably more prepared to handle the New York sports climate.  But with all the hype you bestowed on Murphy last year, the Mets owe it to him to give him a shot.  Let the guy go out there and see what he can do.  Let’s be honest, this isn’t a World Series caliber team anyways, so it’s not like your undermining a potential championship by doing so.

My biggest fear is that Jerry and Omar will make decisions to save their jobs, not to make the Mets a better team big picture.  You can’t exactly blame them, but at the same time I really can’t trust them.