And no I am not talking about in my fantasy baseball league.

Rumors coming out of ESPN are that several sources are saying there may be talk between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St Louis Cardinals about a potential swap of the prolific sluggers.

Both sides have flatly denied the rumors and say no talks have taken place nor will they.

The reason the discussion is even taking place is due to the fact that the Cardinals have been unable to lock up Pujols to a long term extension and general opinion is that he will be looking for a mega-deal in the Alex Rodriguez category.  Some wonder if St Louis can afford Prince Albert and so perhaps they would entertain a deal like this.

I don’t really understand it myself.  St Louis is a great baseball market and a storied franchise, it’s not like they are a poor team.  And maybe if they had worries they couldn’t afford keeping their own star player, why would they have spent so damn much for Holliday?  Trades like this rarely ever take place, especially straight up like this.  I know Howard is a St. Louis guy and considered a local hero there, but I think this is just reaching too far.

I was surprised when I looked at it that Howard is actually older then Pujols too.  Just shows you how young Pujols was when he started to tear up the league, I thought he was several years older.

Buster Olney explains several good reasons a deal might make sense, but I just don’t see it happening.  It’s interesting stuff to talk about but I’d have serious doubts it would ever happen.