Filed in the “Duh” department, it appears that the Mets are in pursuit of Bronson Arroyo.  Mike Pignataro over at reports:

Yesterday, the Mets had a scout in attendance at the Dodgers-Reds game scouting Reds RHPBronson Arroyo.

According to a source, the Mets have interest in Arroyo at this time. The source believes Arroyo would be a good fit for the Mets and Citi Field as he pitches to contact.

I am on that thinks Arroyo would be a good fit with the Mets. Yes I know he is nothing remarkable but he is a steady arm that I think would fit well into Citi Field. This guy always makes at least 30 starts and 200+ innings a season and that’s something we definitely need. Is he a bona fide #2 starter, probably not, but he would definitely be a stabilizing force in an otherwise shaky rotation.

It’s all about what it will take the land him, and it seems it would probably take a lower level prospect with a good upside.  I don’t think that would be a large obstacle to a deal getting done, especially if Pelfrey, Maine, or Ollie stumble out of the gate.  Couple that with the fact that Minaya’s job security will be largely determined by how this rotation performs, I think there is a good possibility of this deal happening at some point.