It’s been announced that the over/under for the Mets season in Vegas is 81. Basically that’s .500 baseball. Curious to see what you guys out there think and if you were gonna lay some money down (hypothetically speaking of course) which way would you go?

My initial reaction is to go over. But as I know myself pretty well I know better then to make a quick judgement when it comes to my Metropolitans. I want to make sure that’s what I actually think, and not what I want to think. It just sounds like such a low number, 81, that I feel like I am almost giving up on the season if I go under.

But as you think about it, you have to recognize the strength of the division. There is no patsy in this division anymore. Everyone knows the Phillies are loaded and barring a plane crash they should be big favorites for another division crown. A lot of people have been so focused on the Mets and Phils that they haven’t really given the Braves or the Marlins their due. They are a lot like the Mets with a lot of question marks, but like the Mets if things break right they can be good teams. Add onto that the improvements that the Nationals have made this offseason and you can see what I am getting at. Not having that really bad team makes it hard to pad your record.

The same fear I have when talking about winning the Wild Card holds true here too. It may be the case that the NL East is the strongest division in the MLB top to bottom and that they will all beat each other up so much that nobody will win the Wild Card. Same goes for pushing those win numbers north of 85.

In the end if it were my cash, I would still go with the over. I think this team is due for some good breaks, and besides, it’s my personal experience that under’s are never fun to root for when gambling.