The Mets and their front office are really playing dangerous games with their fanbase. If your a real fan you have to be infuriated when they see that stupid commercial. You know the one where the voice says “What started as a slow fall, turned into a productive winter!” or something like that. Say what? Did I miss something? Did you guys sneak Prince Fielder in the back door or something? What the hell did they do that I am supposed to be excited about?

I’ll tell you what they did. They cut more payroll in one season then any other club in history. Yes more then the Marlins who caught so much heat for their fire-sale. They reportedly are cutting over 50 million from their payroll. The truly sad part is the payroll is still at 90 million and they have a terrible team. The Mets are truly playing casino games with their fans. They are basically betting they we are morons and don’t know whats really going on. “Hey look we moved the walls in so our power hitters can hit more homers!” Guess what? We don’t have any power hitters! This just means the opponents hitters are gonna hit more too. Smoke and mirrors folks.

Now we have Sandy Alderson starting a Twitter accounts to make jokes of the Mets financial problems. I know he’s trying to make light of it, but here’s some feedback, stop it. Maybe if you have been around more then 2 years you wouldn’t find it funny. Maybe if you’ve been living the ups and downs of this team for 30 years like I have, you too would have a hard time finding the humor in the slow death that is now the Wilpons and the Mets, Mr Alderson.

The Mets continue to embarrass us as a fan base. Just remember this season, none of this is on the players so don’t take it out on them. I really hope we set another record this year for the Wilpons, and that is the single season attendance drop off. You wont see me at any games that’s for sure. I refuse to support the Wilpons as they leverage our beloved team in an effort to save their financial empire that was based on greed and stupidity. Save your money folks, it’d be better spend at the casino, so click here, I’d rather you waste your money gambling then by putting it in the Wilpon family bail-out!