With every cloud their is a silver orange lining and that comes in the form of Zack Wheeler making his long overdue return to the mound.  Wheelers rehab has be full of setbacks and pitfalls and he’s worked hard to overcome them.  I am honestly not sure what to expect out of him in his first start, let alone the entire season, and he quite frankly scares the heck out of me.

I went back and forth with people today on twitter wondering why they were rushing Wheeler back if he was on an innings limit.  Why not keep him down for a month or so and then bring him up so his 120 innings could be used towards the end of the season.  We all saw how well they handled the Harvey innings two years ago.  People made good points and I think the one that made the most sense was “why waste live bullets, if he’s healthy let him fire them where it counts.”  Basically they are saying, his health is no guarantee for later in the year so if you wait around you might not get any effective innings from Wheeler.  Hopefully the guy can stay healthy and give us a good year!