I first moved to Vegas in 2002, the Mets were mired in some down years. I have to admit I focused on much more then just the Mets, and it was pretty hard to focus on the Mets when I only got to see them if they were on TBS or ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Meaning maybe I got 5 cracks at watching them before I’d come home for the summer. After you miss the first third of the season, it is pretty hard to get into it. Especially when Art Howe has you 15 games out of first by July.

However, in the last several years it has gotten alot easier to be a displaced Mets fan, or for that matter a displaced sports fan. First off, MLB extra innings came about which is probably the greatest thing ever. As I tell my friend Jp, the best 180 bucks you’ll spend in  the year. For the season, I get every game with the exception of the Saturday FOX games. Sometimes, I get those but mostly we will get some west coast game instead. Besides those Saturday games, any Saturday AM game is blacked out by FOX, unless of course if I spend another 100 and buy the online package (which I do). Direct TV has also started to show PIX 11 games on the package so I rarely miss a game. I would say on average I can watch 145 out of 162 games with no problem.

Also, when the package first started, you got the broadcast of the home team only. Now it has expanded where you get both broadcast’s for most games. I would say out of those 145 I can watch, I get to see Gary, Keith and Ron about 130 times a year. Watching SNY/WPIX makes the games much more enjoyable, as some teams specifically Florida, Atlanta and Washington give very Anti-Met perspectives. Sometimes, I will mute the TV and put on a delayed WFAN because the Marlin announcers are unbearable.

Between the DirectTV and the MLB.TV packages, it’s almost like I still live in New York with of course the exception of the 7 train rides. Another banner day for me was when WFAN started streaming live. Up until 4 years ago, I could only download clips of interviews between hosts and athletes. I never even got to here Jerome from the Bronx call and rant. But one day at work, I discovered they were streaming live. It felt like I had won the lottery, I rarely am that happy especially at work. Now 24 hours a day, I can listen to WFAN. I sometimes will make that latenight phone call to Tony Paige or Marc Malusis. Obviously, have the opportunity to listen to the NY sports leader keeps me up to date on all things NY. Listening to sports talk radio in Vegas is just downright undoable. Who wants to talk NFL all year long? They do not understand that there is even a baseball season. As a child in East Moriches, I used to go to bed listening to Steve Somers, now at 29 I still can have that same opportunity thanks to WFAN and the internet.

The last thing that helps me feel like I’m home is the fact that SNY is carried on DIRECT TV’s local sports package. For 10 bucks a month, I get SNY, YES, MSG and even Fox Sports Colorado! Not only do I get Mets Weekly but also Pre and Post game shows for all Mets games. However, I do get disgruntled when shows like Mets Classics, Season In Review, Yearbook and other shows get blacked out. I enjoy having SNY out here alot but having those shows get blacked out have me feeling that a letter will soon be written to the Wilpon’s that out of town fans crave all there is Mets. The Yanks do NOT black out Yankee Classics or Yankeeography which only pisses me off more at the Mets. However, I do have to say watching Julie Alexandria on Mets Weekly makes up for it. Also, I do get my trivia fix with Chris and Alexi on Beer Money which is heavily underrated in my opinion.

The last thing that helps me feel at home and keep informed on my Metsies are the good friends I have at home who are always a text or call away to argue over why did we bunt here and why the hell is Heilman in the game. So friends I thank you for not forgetting about me when I am way.

I know some people think their is no way I can be as a die hard a Mets fan as I claim to be since I live 2,500 miles away but I promise the fans of the site that with all of these innovations I will continue day in and day out to be the biggest Mets fan I can be. With that being said, keep hope that this IS the year….LETS GO METS GO!!!!