It has been quite awhile since I needed to vent here on but as with 2007 and 2008, another debacle has me emotional on the last day of the season. The difference this season is that there wasn’t a collapse or tears in my eyes but the similiarity is the Mets remain a joke.

I maybe thirty years old but I consider myself old school. If I had Doc Brown’s time machine, just like Marty McFly I grab some Air Mag’s and a book of sports results to bring to a Vegas casino but first I would love to go watch some baseball, catch Babe Ruth in the 20’s and Willie, Mickey and the Duke in 50’s.

Hearing the story as a kid of how Ted Williams played in a double header and brought his average from .3995 to .406 is legendary and it is a beautiful part of a wonderful game. What Jose Reyes did during his last game of the 2011 season is nothing less then cowardly. It to me is shortcut and I feel the same as if he was caught using performance enhancers. He cheated the game, he cheated himself and he cheated Ryan Braun.

In his last game for the Mets, Reyes got a bunt base hit and pulled himself out of the game to hold on to his lead. How about all the Met fans who only showed up to see Jose off and give him the respect that up until this point he deserved. No thought of anyone else here but himself, not the game, not the fans just Jose.

This is why I feel he is gone, Jose is not all about the team or doing things the right way. How many times has he not run hard, or how can we forget calling out Jerry Manuel in his first ever game managing. Jose is me first, team second and with that philosophy, he is going to run to the money. He can talk all he wants about the Mets and wanting to be here but he would pick playing for the Toledo Mud Hens if it paid more then in Queens.

Jose is what is wrong with sports, cocky, obnoxious, and here for himself. Just wait and see, he is going to chase that money. I think he showed his true colors yesterday and all I can say is good riddance. This is not the type of player I want to build around because just like the last three years, this team has gone nowhere with players like Jose.