Let me start off by saying I don’t listen to Mike’d up very often. I tune in occassionally more for nostagia reasons or some hope that Doggie will magically reappear. I listened to Mike and The Mad Dog almost everyday since 1989. I remember those great childhood days while floating on a raft in my pool listening to the show. I even remember listening to the show when Davey Johnson was fired and when we traded Bobby Bo and Coney. Finally, as I moved to the West Coast having them to listen to brought me back to those childhood memories. When I discovered Mike and the Mad Dog had broken up, I almost felt like part of my childhood has slipped away.

 After the breakup, I figured I would listen more to Doggie, but after listening to his “national” show, I realized it wasn’t for me. I don’t wanna talk Green Bay Packers football or NASCAR. So I wondered back over to 660. As I listened to Mike’s show, I got to that point everyday that I needed to turn it off. I got offended very often with his Anti-Met show. Finding it funny that he would bash certain Mets only to kiss their fanny’s when they’d come on for an interview. Then I did something I haven’t in years, I turned on music due to the lack of good sports radio. Like an ex-girlfriend, I do come back to Mike sometimes, but walk away scratching my head everytime thinking why would I ever put this crap back on.

But the biggest point that bothers me is everyday Mike has a way to take a shot at Daniel Murphy. Every single damn day, nothing but negative and more negative things about Murphy. Okay, I admit even though I do like Murphy, he is a marginal player at best. He is not an all-star caliber player, I am not amongst the group that even thinks he cannothe be half of Donnie Baseball. However, for how the Mets are built, he is a good 7 hitter. He can get the job done, if the pitchers do their job and the stars do their job, he will be fine. We do not need Murphy to hit .330 or hit 25 homers. We need him to hit .285 and maybe hit 15 homers, play a decent first base and work his butt off.

Is there a reason he needs to bring him up so much? The way I look at it is if someone just took shots at Brett Gardner everyday. Brett Gardner is not a great player either but he is a piece to the puzzle for the Yanks, the way Murph is for the Mets. Doesn’t it seem absurb for someone to spend so much of his time attacking a marginal player.

Truth is I have no idea why Francesa continues against him. Does he think he is just a terrible player? Is he trying to make upper management look bad for going with a young player like Murph? Or maybe he just doesn’t have anything better to talk about?

I have no idea but with my casual listening I have seemed to notice he also has an agenda against Rex Ryan. Someone who just did a great job for the Jets. Maybe some of Ryan’s Irish luck can run over to Murph this year and shut Mike up. For some reason though, I feel that even if Murph had a great season, Francesa would still find something to pick on him about.

So I ask you Mike, do your job and report on sports for us, take your own personal agendas and leave them at home. Or else your ratings will continue to dwindle and dwindle and dwindle.