Here is where you wind find a rundown of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Hey this looks like fun, how can I write for the site?

We have a fairly open-door policy on contributing to the site.  We don’t just open the door of the site to anyone though.  If you feel you have something to offer the team here, please feel free to submit some articles/blogs to this address and we would be more then happy to give it a look.  If we enjoy it we will publish it to the site immediately.  After you get a few posts under your belt via this process, we will most likely invite you to officially  join the team and you will be given your own publishing account to directly post your articles.

Why should I register for the Newsletter?

The Newsletter acts as an all-star team for that weeks postings.  It will ship directly to your inbox a rundown of all the best content we have published in the past week.  It will also discuss what we you can look forward to appearing on the site in the coming week.  It also talk about special events and exclusive features only people on the mailing list will know about.

How do I get an image on my profile for comments etc?

This is actually handled by a service off site.  Go to this website and create an account.  What this does is registers an email of your choice, and associates a profile image with that email.  The advantage to this is that now whenever you post comments to any of the thousands of sites that support Gravatar your image will be automatically added to your comments, as long as you use the same email.