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Matz down 3+ weeks, Wheeler Next man up!

Today we found out despite reassurances and supposedly the MRI coming back negative they are shutting down Steven Matz for 3 weeks. In and of itself this is a smart move, no reason to press and risk him long term, shut him down, make sure he’s 100% and then work him back. In reality this means Matz has to be effectively out probably 6-7 weeks at the least right? He’s gonna have to work back up to speed after a total shutdown.

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Mets 2017: You Gotta Have Faith!

It took all the restraint I had not to make a Tebow joke with that title, I even went so far as to search for a good image to go with it, but in the end i decided I didn’t want my message to be taken as snarky sarcasm. I’m serious. Yeah I know I am one of the last people you’d expect to be talking about faith, but here we sit. As opening day fast approaches I find myself considering all the possible things that can go wrong, and there are many, and the more I think about this team and what the possible outcomes are the more and more excited I get.

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Time To Blog

Being a basketball coach doesn’t allow me the time I would love to have to concentrate on other interests I have. However, with winter break here for me, I have some time to focus on New York sports.
Of course, as I sit down and relax, my the Football Giants decide to take a short cut to the golf course. Bored and with no football hopes this weekend, I looked under my Christmas tree and started to get Mets fever.

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All Or One?

With the 25th anniversary of the Mets last series victory coming and going, I once again ask the old the Mets/Yankees question. Would you rather win a ton of titles or have a few you can look at as very special?

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Time to turn the page

Nobody will ever mistake me for a rose-colored-glasses Mets fan. I tend to lean way way to the pessimistic. Now with camp open though it’s time to turn the page. While I fully admit Mets fans will never forget the last few...

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Mets lived beyond their means

As I continue to read more and more into this Wilpon-Madoff lawsuit, one thing seems to jump out at me: how reliant the Wilpons were on Madoff for day-to-day operations of their empire. What rings alarms to me is how they used...

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The Wilpons are delusional

Today the lawsuit filed by Irving Picard (the Madoff Victims trustee) against the Wilpons and Sterling Equities was made public. Read: Mets Official Statement Read: Madoff Trustee’s Official Statement I am gonna try to...

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