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Are You Still Here?

I’m back from my hiatus for the summer which felt like I visited most of the United States. I spent my summer mostly in New York and Tampa, but also made some stops in Kansas City, St. Louis and Minnesota. What can I come...

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RA The Rugged Man Now 5-0

When the Mets hit the road after winning two of three at Citi Field versus San Diego, one thing was pretty clear at 8 and 18 on the road, they would need to start winning road games in order to compete for a playoff spot. The...

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Starting to believe

It’s been a little while since I made a post. That’s not for lack of Mets watching or commentary, it’s just a busy life often times keeping me from even starting up my laptop. I apologize profusely and look to...

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Get Wiggy With It?!?

This is not a rumor I’ve heard but something I would love to see happen. The Mets have been linked to Kevin Millwood and I have even read Millwood would except a trade to Flushing. Well, we are now in need of a second...

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Is Pelf An Elite Pitcher?

The theme that SNY was pumping out in San Diego is that Mike Pelfrey is now an elite pitcher in the National League. I ask myself is this just another Mets propaganda machine invention. Yes, Pelf has been near lights out this...

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