I have heard/read a few times today how Cliff Lee of the slumping Seattle Mariners might be available. First Ken Davidoff had a nice article for Newsday saying:

So if Seattle makes Cliff Lee available, the Mets should be all over that. They have a deeper farm system now, giving them more trade chips, and they can replenish it (if they trade someone) with the seventh overall pick in this upcoming draft, as long as they’re willing to pay more than Major League Baseball’s slotted figure.

It’s a nice idea considering the price tag shouldn’t be that high considering he is in the last year of his contract. That also works out well as he would be highly motivated. Not to mention if the Mets were to bring him back, I am sure he would have a little bit of a chip on his shoulder after the way that the Phillies dumped him in favor of the hotter chick in Roy Halladay.

I then heard Mike Francesa talking about it on WFAN saying he thought that Lee would be available for 2-3 “good” prospects.  Take his analysis lightly as Mike often proves to have no idea what he’s talking about in these matters, but the fact remains that the buzz is that Lee is available and if that’s true the Mets have to get the deal done.

It just makes sense for so many reasons.  The Mets should work out a deal with Seattle and ask for 2-3 days to work out a contract extension and make the deal happen.  I don’t see why Lee would balk at the deal either.  He had great success pitching in the NL last year with the Phillies, and it’s about time we saw some benefit from playing in a park where long-balls go to die.

I don’t want to hear about payroll concerns.  I don’t want to hear about protecting our prospects.  The Mets are in dire need of a pitcher and here is one available at a relatively reasonable price.  If it means we have to say bye bye to F-Mart then I am willing to sign on the line.  The potential contract extension can not be a factor, the Mets brass have to understand they need to invest money into this team, and if they do they will see it returned in attendance when they field a good team.  They have to be concerned by the lack of juice around this team, especially in the lackluster attendance numbers at this point.  They need a shot in the arm, and acquiring an arm like Cliff Lee would be a perfect fit.