It’s not everyday the Mets make the right move or do the right thing but today is not that day. No the Mets didn’t sign a new ace or retain Jose Reyes but they are making changes to Citi Field. First off, not that it will help the team but they are making the fence blue. If the rumors are true and we are going to see less black in the uniform department and now the fence the Mets are actually listening. The Mets colors are blue and orange bottom line. As many great blogs like Mets Police have stated, lets bury the black and remember it as the “Piazza Era.”

Secondly, they have decided to change the fence distance and height. This is a great move, this field has all but killed the careers of David Wright and Jason Bay. Flat out, the designed the park for Jose Reyes to hit triples and ignored David Wright. Now that Reyes is going to leave them high and dry, there is a chance they may be able to resurrect David’s career and keep him happy enough to stay in Queens.

Simple things like the fence and dropping the black may not forge this team to first place but I think as simple as they are they do show signs of improvement. The Mets are listening and under this leadership are making smarter decisions. The Mets have seen that there original plan is not working and the Mets play at home this season forged this move. The field is definitely in batter’s head and something had to be done. Instead of wasting another season, the Mets can at least try to make Citi Field, the home we all have been waiting to make it. Hopefully, in the years to come the team will make us forget Shea and think of Citi as home sweet home.