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Time To Blog

Being a basketball coach doesn’t allow me the time I would love to have to concentrate on other interests I have. However, with winter break here for me, I have some time to focus on New York sports.
Of course, as I sit down and relax, my the Football Giants decide to take a short cut to the golf course. Bored and with no football hopes this weekend, I looked under my Christmas tree and started to get Mets fever.

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Upset? No Way Jose!

If you are a realist you saw this coming a mile away, no way was Jose Reyes coming back. However, in my opinion this is a good thing. The way the Mets are currently constructed adding Jose Reyes to mix isn’t the piece that is going to get them back to the World Series. With or without Jose this team is fighting for at best third place. Why should the Mets add another $20 million dollar contract to the mix and give this team less flexibility in the future when they may actually be a piece or two away from playoff contention.

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Best Mets News In A Long Time

It’s not everyday the Mets make the right move or do the right thing but today is not that day. No the Mets didn’t sign a new ace or retain Jose Reyes but they are making changes to Citi Field. First off, not that it will help the team but they are making the fence blue. If the rumors are true and we are going to see less black in the uniform department and now the fence the Mets are actually listening.

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All Or One?

With the 25th anniversary of the Mets last series victory coming and going, I once again ask the old the Mets/Yankees question. Would you rather win a ton of titles or have a few you can look at as very special?

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Good Riddance

 It has been quite awhile since I needed to vent here on but as with 2007 and 2008, another debacle has me emotional on the last day of the season. The difference this season is that there wasn’t a collapse or tears in my eyes but the similiarity is the Mets remain a joke. I maybe thirty years old but I consider myself old school. If I had Doc Brown’s time machine, just like Marty McFly I grab some Air Mag’s and a book of sports results to bring to a Vegas casino but first I would love to go watch some baseball, catch Babe Ruth in the 20’s and Willie, Mickey and the Duke in 50’s. Hearing the story as a kid of how Ted Williams played in a double header and brought his average from .3995 to .406 is legendary and it is a beautiful part of a wonderful game. What Jose Reyes did during his last game of the 2011 season is nothing less then cowardly. It to me is shortcut and I feel the same as if he was caught using performance enhancers. He cheated the game, he cheated himself and he cheated Ryan Braun. In his last game for the Mets, Reyes got a bunt base hit and pulled himself out of the game to hold on to his lead. How about all...

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