Statement From The Wilpons

Just got this email from regarding the lawsuit:


Dear Mets Fans:

Following days of leaks and press speculation, the Court – with the agreement of the Sterling partners – has released the complaint that was previously filed under seal.

The Trustee’s lawsuit is an outrageous “strong arm” effort to try to force a settlement by threatening to ruin our reputations and businesses which we have built for over 50 years. This is a flagrant abuse of the Trustee’s authority and we will not succumb to his pressure. The conclusions in the complaint are not supported by the facts. While they may make for good headlines, they are abusive, unfair and untrue. We categorically reject them. We should not be made victims twice over – the first time by Madoff, and again by the Trustee’s actions.
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Hopefully Our Future Manager

This is absolutley AWESOME! “Let’s go get a beer, Doc.” I can’t wait for Jerry to be fired.


I jokingly was knocking Brian the other day about being too negative about the team. But watching this game against the Nats and watching Castillio hit into a double play, I just can’t take these stats they are spewing out about the Mets with runners on.

They are batting .228 with RISP, .185 with the bases loaded. Tonight they are 2-11 with RISP alone. Reyes (.314 slugging percentage) Manuel’s go-to guy in the third hole has just flown out twice with men on third.

Here’s a great stat in 1,242 plate apperances this year, they have left 232 men on base. Whether this is encouraging or not they have only grounded into 18 double plays. Take that for what it is.

Tonight they got on base with the first at bat 6 times in 8 innings as of writing this, but only have 2 runs against the Nats, the Nats!!! 12 hits, 2 runs as of now. I know I’m rambling but I had to rant. For a positive, seeing Wright get two opposite field doubles has been nice.

Rally Killer No More

                                                                       Got this on the wire, that’s because the human rally killer was on my NL only Fantasy team:

Mets designated first baseman Mike Jacobs for assignment.
Signed to a minor league deal this offseason, Jacobs had a golden opportunity to seize the starting first base job in New York after Daniel Murphy went down. Instead, he hit 208/.296/.375 in 24 at-bats, some of which came in the cleanup spot, where Jerry Manuel started him on Opening Day. The guess here is that Ike Davis is about to receive a promotion, leaving Jacobs, likely to clear waivers with the way he has played the last two years, the starting first baseman at Triple-A. His days as a starter in the major leagues appear to be over. Thank god.

F….. It! I’m Still Excited

Even though we should be tempering our expectations, after watching Daryl Strawberry just throw out the first pitch I can’t say that I’m not excited.

Maybe I’m just excited for baseball and that summer is on it’s way but damnit I’m excited. LETS GO METS!



Mets Projected Lineup

Well with a few days left we are looking at the projected lineup for the 2010 New York Mets.  I am looking at the opening day lineup and also next week when Reyes comes back, I will also give my two cents on a lineup and hopefully if I did it right will have a poll for you as well.  Here we go:

1. CF Angel Pagan

2. 2B Luis Castillo

3. 3B David Wright

4. 1B Mike Jacobs

5. LF Jason Bay

6. RF Jeff Francouer

7. C Rod Barajas

8. SS Alex Cora

9. P Johan Santana

Well obviously Reyes will be at the top of the order when he come back, basically my biggest gripe is Jacobs batting fourth.  yes he has a big bat but also has the penchant for hitting .220.  Now with Wright, Jacobs, Bay & Frenchy you are looking at a good 400 K’s.  But at least with Wright & Bay you have .300 hitters.  Really there is no reason that Bay shouldn’t be protecting Wright or the other way around.  When Beltran comes back you know he slides into the 4 hole, and that could be a great 1-2-3 punch.  Personally when Beltran comes back I would do this:

1. SS Jose Reyes

2. CF Carlos Beltran

3. 3B David Wright

4. LF Jason Bay

5. RF Jeff Francouer

6. 1B Mike Jacobs

7. C Rod Barajas

8. 2B Luis Castillo

Now I know there is talk about lefty, righty matchups but I say screw that.  get your best hitters up there and let them have at it.  Let’s be honest I don’t think the Mets are going to be in too many 1-0 ballgames.  And the reason for batting Beltran second he can utilize his speed and not ask him to do too much in the power department.  Let him move Reyes over and he has a real patient eye and gives Reyes time to reek havoc and it will also give Beltran good pitches to hit with Reyes on the pitchers mind and Wright & Bay behind him.  So basically it’s my call to Jerry, take Jacobs out of the four hole right about nowish.

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New Article On Mets Pitching Staff @

Good Morning on the East Coast. Just saw this over on, basically Jerry Crasnick is bashing the Mets front office and pitching staff but holds out a glimmer of hope. Can’t say I really blame him, but I figured Mets fans would like to see the article and react.

Mets Reportedly Interested in Gaudin

According to a tweet by MLB insider and Newsday reporter David Lennon and reported the New York Mets are in discussion on whether or not to bring on the Yankees former right-hander.  The 27-year-old posted a 4.64 ERA, 1.51 WHIP and 139 strikeouts over 31 appearances (147 1/3 innings) between the Yankees and the Padres last year.

I think this would be a good move for the Mets to make.  Let’s be honest after Johan the staff is full of question marks.  I like Pelfrey, Maine and the potential of Ollie and make no mistake Guadin is non of these guys potential wise, but he is a proven mop-up guy, fifth or spot starter.  I think that Takahasi will be great in the role of second lefty and if Mejia is sent to the minors, Feliciano can be the 8th inning guy.  It also gives insurance to Jonathan Neise.  I’m sorry but I don’t want to put the ball in Pat Misch or Nelson Figeroua’s hands every fifth day.  Plus with Ollie’s track record it could only be a matter of time before one of us finally loses it and finds him after a game a put his down for good with a spiked wiffle ball bat.

Last year’s playoffs should that Gaudin is capable in pressure situations and as was proven last year and every year before that you can not have enough pitching.  that’s at least my two cents.

Breaking News and Hopefully Happy…..

The NY Daily News is reporting that doctors have cleared Jose Reyes to resume baseball activity.  This could be a very good sign for the Mets and hopefully Jose will have no further setbacks.  Check out the link here.

The Year The Bad Guys Won

When Brian asked me to be part of this site I was truly honored and excited.  Someone has asked me to do what I do best and that’s shoot off at the mouth about the Mets.  I mean it’s really a dream come true.  But then I started to worry, I mean how many times are we going to post that Ollie Perez was probably the worst signing since Mo Vaughn or does Omar Minaya have a Spanish player themed dart board to pick and choose his bench from?  I’m sure all year Brian, Eddie, JP, myself and any other die hard Mets fan will be posting about this upcoming year and the things that are going on, so what the hell am I going to focus on?  Then it hit me….. being the elder statesmen of the crew I decided to take a look back at the greatest year of my life as a Mets fan and focus on the “brawling, boozing, bimbo chasing and championship baseball with Straw, Doc, Mookie, Nails, the Kid, and the rest of the 1986 Mets, the rowdiest team to ever put on a New York uniform – and maybe the best”

So we are going to do this documentary style on each player on the Amazin’s squad.  Give a little background before the season, highlights from the season and maybe a little where are they now.  But then here is the best part….. my friend James was a bartender at the Sly Fox in Queens which was located across the campus of St. Johns.  Needless to say this was a hotspot for those hard partying Mets and James has seen more than his fair share of debauchery from those guys.  Let’s just say remember when Bobby Ojeda got injured “trimming hedges?”  Well that is certainly one way to put it.  Another way to put it is that he was banging out some meat-heads chick and got thrown through the plate glass window at the Sly Fox.  Allegedly……..

So lets begin shall we…..

1986 New York Mets

World Champions

W-108 L – 54

Manager: Davey Johnson

In 1986 God smiled down on Flushing Meadows.  Okay maybe Frank Cashen made a deal with the devil, either way it was a magical year at the old Shea.  The Mets mowed through the National League East winning 108 games with a 21 1/2 game lead by seasons end.  The Mets led the league in both runs scored (783) and ERA (3.11).  The Mets big three offensively had a stellar season with the Kid Gary Carter knocking in 105 RBI’s, Kieth Hernandez chimed in with a .310 BA and 94 runs and Straw hit 27 dingers with 92 ribbies.  The pitching was outstanding with three pitchers in the top five in ERA, Bobby Ojeda, Ron Darling and Dwight Gooden.  Ojeda led the squad after coming over from Boston the year before with 18 wins and Doc, Ronnie and El Sid each hit the 15 win level.  And something you don’t see too often anymore in baseball we had a double headed monster at the closer spot with Roger McDowell ringing in 22 saves from the right side and Jesse Orosco pumping in 21 from the left.

The Mets entered the National League Championship Series against the hated Houston Astros and their ace Mike Scott.  The Mets took that series four games to two capped off by a thrilling 16 inning Game 6 that set the Amazin’s up to face the Boston Red Sox who had not won a championship since 1918.  (Quick aside: we will get into all these games in depth I just want to do a quick overview for the first article)  The Mets were able to emerge victorious four games to three after the famous Buckner play in game six and coming back from a 3-0 deficit in game seven.

1986 New York Mets were the second championship team in their then 24 year existance.  But that was not some of the things they ended up being most noted for.  For example, on one rowdy flight back to New York, United Airlines billed the team an additional $7,500 for damage resulting from food fights and other unruly antics and said the team couldn’t fly the airline again.  There was also the rampant drug use that was clearly accepted but not exactly acknowledged by players, management and the media alike.

All this and more will be broken down, focused on and rehashed as we look back at one of the greatest teams that has ever played Major League Baseball.  Next post focus: Davey Johnson.