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Statement From The Wilpons

Just got this email from regarding the lawsuit: STATEMENT FROM FRED WILPON, CO-FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN, AND SAUL B. KATZ, CO-FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF STERLING EQUITIES, ON BEHALF OF THE STERLING EQUITIES PARTNERS AND THEIR FAMILIES Dear Mets Fans: Following days of leaks and press speculation, the Court – with the agreement of the Sterling partners – has released the complaint that was previously filed under seal. The Trustee’s lawsuit is an outrageous “strong arm” effort to try to force a settlement by threatening to ruin our reputations and businesses which we have built for over 50 years. This is a flagrant abuse of the Trustee’s authority and we will not succumb to his pressure. The conclusions in the complaint are not supported by the facts. While they may make for good headlines, they are abusive, unfair and untrue. We categorically reject them. We should not be made victims twice over – the first time by Madoff, and again by the Trustee’s actions. The plain truth is that not one of the Sterling partners ever knew or suspected that Madoff ran a Ponzi scheme. Because the Trustee has no evidence to support his claims even after a year-and-a-half review of over 700,000 pages of documents and many, many hours of depositions, he has created a claim that we “knew or should have known” that Madoff was a fraud. Why...

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I jokingly was knocking Brian the other day about being too negative about the team. But watching this game against the Nats and watching Castillio hit into a double play, I just can’t take these stats they are spewing out about the Mets with runners on. They are batting .228 with RISP, .185 with the bases loaded. Tonight they are 2-11 with RISP alone. Reyes (.314 slugging percentage) Manuel’s go-to guy in the third hole has just flown out twice with men on third. Here’s a great stat in 1,242 plate apperances this year, they have left 232 men on base. Whether this is encouraging or not they have only grounded into 18 double plays. Take that for what it is. Tonight they got on base with the first at bat 6 times in 8 innings as of writing this, but only have 2 runs against the Nats, the Nats!!! 12 hits, 2 runs as of now. I know I’m rambling but I had to rant. For a positive, seeing Wright get two opposite field doubles has been...

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Rally Killer No More

                                                                       Got this on the wire, that’s because the human rally killer was on my NL only Fantasy team: Mets designated first baseman Mike Jacobs for assignment. Signed to a minor league deal this offseason, Jacobs had a golden opportunity to seize the starting first base job in New York after Daniel Murphy went down. Instead, he hit 208/.296/.375 in 24 at-bats, some of which came in the cleanup spot, where Jerry Manuel started him on Opening Day. The guess here is that Ike Davis is about to receive a promotion, leaving Jacobs, likely to clear waivers with the way he has played the last two years, the starting first baseman at Triple-A. His days as a starter in the major leagues appear to be over. Thank...

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F….. It! I’m Still Excited

Even though we should be tempering our expectations, after watching Daryl Strawberry just throw out the first pitch I can’t say that I’m not excited. Maybe I’m just excited for baseball and that summer is on it’s way but damnit I’m excited. LETS GO METS! ....

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