As I’ve mentioned several times, as this season unfolded I was not going to hold high expectations but I wanted the Mets to at least entertain me and give me hope that the future is not going to be as bleak as 2009 and 2010.

So far the Mets have carried up their side of the bargain and I have to say that after a very ugly 5 and 13 start, I have held up my side of the bargain by watching as much as possible.

In 2005, we got a new manager, some of our youth and free agents started molding together and built up something special for the following season. Watching in 2005, I had hope and knew 2006 was going to be a year to remember. I feel that this group could be starting to bring some of those feelings come back.

The term that we heard over and over again was “grit”, in the past we didn’t have it, now it is a word that many used to define this team. The Turner’s, the Murphy’s, Pagan’s etc. have carried the team while superstars Wright, Davis and Santana mend injuries. These guys want to win and play the game hard. Yes, we have to deal with this occassional dumb mistake but they are giving their all.

It is really amazing that this team has played 9 or so games over .500 since that awful beginning and have only picked up steam after Davis and Wright were sidelined. If the bullpen could have held up lately this team could be ahead for the wild card. It shows you the job Terry Collins has done. The thing that has me on TC’s side especially is hearing Jose Reyes’ comments and love for him.

Speaking of Jose, a lot has been said but he is the NL MVP at this point. I am so shocked people gave up so early on Jose, he always has been one of the most talented players in baseball but only has been slowed by injuries never a lack of talent. I think that the support that the7line and others have shown for Jose will likely keep him in town at least until the end of the season but I think there is still a big chance that he doesn’t get the contract offer he deserves from the Mets and could walk to a team like the Red Sox.

Who knows what the next three and a half months will hold in store for the Mets but I hope that it will be enough to give us hope that we can get back to where we need to be in 2012.