The latest buzz making the rounds is once again that the Mets are broke.  Not just the Wilpons, but the Mets.  Ken Rosenthal and John Morosi are reporting for that the Mets are out of money:

The Mets, outbid by the Padres for catcher Yorvit Torrealba, are out of money, major-league sources say — a curious position for a team that spent $66 million on outfielder Jason Bay knowing it had other needs.

Now as much as we all in Mets-land may bitch and moan about how cheap the Wilpons (I personally love the term Coup-ons) have acted, it just doesn’t really add up.  I tend to agree with Matthew Cerrone over at when he says that:

i can’t say whether this is true or not; but, it is peculiar that the team had earmarked $12 million for Joel Pineiro and Bengie Molina, yet, since the two players signed elsewhere, there has been talk of the team being unable to spend on players like Ben Sheets or even Yorvit Torrealba or barajas, who would cost only a million bucks or so…

…that said, i do not think money is reason for not signing John Lackey or pineiro, or molina, all of whom i think they had a set value on, and refused to go beyond… i understand how this could be viewed as being cheap, but i think it’s actually a matter of not overvaluing mediocre talent…

I tend to think that despite the swirling rumors the Mets aren’t actually broke.  At the worst maybe they have a bit of a liquidity problem, but hell who doesn’t right now?  I just think they up in their lofty offices think they have a plan and think are so just so smart and have placed value on players and are trying to play hardball.

They have won with this stance before if you remember K-Rod from last off season.  But the problem is that this team has many more holes then was perceived last year.  For a team with several gaping holes in their roster, it’s starting to look very strange that they spend $66 million on Jason Bay, and that taps out their war-chest to fill other holes?

Truth is I can’t believe this because if true, things are much worse over at CitiField then even I could imagine.