With the 25th anniversary of the Mets last series victory coming and going, I once again ask the old the Mets/Yankees question. Would you rather win a ton of titles or have a few you can look at as very special?

There is no doubt that all Mets fans that were alive in 1986 and remember cheering for the team can fondly remember this Mets club. Take more for example, right now I am watching game 7 of the 1986 series. My room is decorated with such items as a 1986 World Series banner and in my closet I could throw on a Mex, Nails, Doc or Straw jersey.

Whether it is baseball season or not, whether the Mets are the joke of baseball, I can also put on the old Year To Remember video. I can always tell the story of how I fell asleep when the ball went through Buckner’s legs with a smile. I claim my fondest Shea Stadium memory as the 20th year reunion in 2006.

For the Met fan, 1986 will always have a huge hold in our hearts. However, if the Mets had won 27 titles would be look at this team the same way. If the Mets had won in 84, 88, 90, etc., etc., etc., would 1986 jump out as much. My answer is no, the more they would have won would have taken the individuality out of this year. However, this club had so many characters that it would be hard to say it would not have been one of the best eras of Mets baseball.

To answer the question I would give it up all of those memories to have more then one title in my lifetime. I’m sure for Yankee fans those titles of the late 90’s and early 00’s blend together and that none of those individual teams are as important to them as the 1986 one is for Mets fans but nothing beats winning.

The Mets have had just a few close calls since 1986 and the Met fan is left wondering will I ever see this team win again? I’m sure the Yankee fan is just wondering when the next one is coming, not if. As I get older and my parents do too, I hope that one more time in our lifetimes, we will be able to share that moment of seeing the Mets bring it home. The feeling of celebrating with them would more then outweigh the banners, the VHS tapes and the jerseys.