Welcome to the MetsPundit.com advertising page. We appreciate your interest in partnering with us. we offer a wide variety of opportunities to advertisers. We are always looking for great partnerships that fit with the demographic of our readers.

Some examples of what we have done in the past:

Text Links: We allow you to suggest the anchor tags you would like based on your SEO goals as well as a brief text statement to go along with the link.

Image/Banner Ads: We try to restrict the number of banner ads on the site at any one time. Typically we run a 728×90 banner ad in the header of the website and a 300×250 ad on the right side, both above fold. At times we will add more if we feel the advertisement has great value to our readers.

Feature Ads: This package typically includes at least one featured post promoting your product. This post will appear in the blog articles section just like a normal post. We allow you to supply descriptive text but that text will be quoted as from you. In order to have editorial review/promotion we recommend access to whatever you are selling/promoting. We absolutely do not recommend a product we have no history with.

Site Sponsorship: This package entitles the advertiser to lock up the ad blocks on the site for their own ads as well as feature ads. That package can include multiple feature ads per day. This package can also include branding in the background of the site (White background) along the margins (left and right). This package works exceptionally well for promoting upcoming events or new product launches.

We strive to create a partnership with our clients that gives them the maximum effect. Advertising opportunities are not restricted to those above, we are always willing to work with the client to create the perfect campaign.

All rates vary dependent on the desired ad. All inquiries can be directed to MetsPundit@gmail.com. Thank you.