Let us take this time to welcome you to MetsPundit.com.  What exactly is this all about you say?  Well to be honest we aren’t really sure.  Each time we stand at the white-board and try to map out the long-term big-picture of the site we have a real hard time doing it.  You see that’s the beauty of sports.  It’s really hard to have any idea where it’s going.  When your talking about our New York Mets you can enlarge that by a magnitude of 10.

This blog will be used for all sorts of wonderful things.  Mostly it will be used as a sort of pressure-release valve as we travel along on this journey we call being a Mets fan.  Rise or fall, sink or swim, you can expect us to be full of opinions on it.

We don’t pretend to be great writers.  and we certainly do not claim to be any sort of journalist.  But what I can 100% promise you is that we are die hard passionate Mets fans.  Anything posted here will be from the heart.  If your coming here because the Mets just suffered an abominable loss, you can rest assured we will be feeling your pain.  If somehow our prayers are answered and we get Major League Baseball back in Flushing, you can be sure we will be babbling elated fools.

Ideally MetsPundit.com will become a go-to site for authentic Mets commentary.  The site draws a lot of inspiration fromMetsBlog.com and we take no shame in saying so.  Matthew Cerrone has done a magnificent job of covering the Mets with a great degree of professionalism while at the same time staying true to his inner truth as a Mets fan first.  We would really enjoy it if you came along for the ride with us and lets just see how this site grows and evolves.  We always welcome comments and input, so don’t ever hesitate to contact us.