I was very saddened today to hear Doc Gooden was not only arrested for DWI, but more importantly hurt that it was for driving under the influence of a controlled substance. It is just heartbreaking to hear that Doc is back abusing drugs and not only that but getting in a car and driving, all while his wife is 9 months pregnant.

We all have seen Doc get back into the spotlight by attending events at Shea and Citi. It was one of the most heart warming moments when he was welcomed back to Shea. We had all thought that Doc had taken the same turn as Darryl and gotten back on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, we were all wrong again. I feel upset but also realise how bad his family and friends must feel. It is just hard that a guy I idolized as a kid just cannot grow up. He has a problem and going to jail already has not cured it, endless time in rehab and the loss of his hall of fame career hasn’t taught him anything, I feel that he will never get over this.

I hope he does and maybe all of us can pray for God to help him because he obviously cannot handle these problems on his own. Keep him in your thoughts as we all hope Doc can one day control his demons and possibly get himself a position back with the club. Good Luck Doc!