Month: February 2011

Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview

Just a quick heads up to you guys out there. The Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview is now available to order. It wont be released until March 1st but you can go ahead and reserve your copies today. Amazon: Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview Official Site: Amazin Avenue Annual Amazin Avenue: Check out the blog I placed my order for mine today, and am looking forward to checking it out. I post a review of it once I get a chance to sit down with it in a week or two. My only question is how can a dude get to be a a part of this? It’s a goal for...

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Time to turn the page

Nobody will ever mistake me for a rose-colored-glasses Mets fan. I tend to lean way way to the pessimistic. Now with camp open though it’s time to turn the page. While I fully admit Mets fans will never forget the last few seasons, it’s time to put them in the past. How can we expect the team to put it behind then, how can we create a new “culture” and chart a new direction for the franchise if we as fans and bloggers constantly harp on the negative. I’m a married man, and I am far from perfect, and if my wife continually harped on all the stupid stuff I’ve have done in the past, the future wouldn’t be a happy one. Instead you learn from the little issues and create a great future together. Much can be the same with the Mets. Lets hope that the Mets can learn from the past and use it as motivation. A new page is being written now with the new front office, a transition that I love and have high hopes for in the long run. As a website I want to start to focus our attention on the field. As fascinated as I am with the entire Madoff story, it really wont have any(more) effect on this current team so I will try to put that to the back burner....

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Mets are gambling with thier fanbase

The Mets and their front office are really playing dangerous games with their fanbase. If your a real fan you have to be infuriated when they see that stupid commercial. You know the one where the voice says “What started as a slow fall, turned into a productive winter!” or something like that. Say what? Did I miss something? Did you guys sneak Prince Fielder in the back door or something? What the hell did they do that I am supposed to be excited about? I’ll tell you what they did. They cut more payroll in one season then any other club in history. Yes more then the Marlins who caught so much heat for their fire-sale. They reportedly are cutting over 50 million from their payroll. The truly sad part is the payroll is still at 90 million and they have a terrible team. The Mets are truly playing casino games with their fans. They are basically betting they we are morons and don’t know whats really going on. “Hey look we moved the walls in so our power hitters can hit more homers!” Guess what? We don’t have any power hitters! This just means the opponents hitters are gonna hit more too. Smoke and mirrors folks. Now we have Sandy Alderson starting a Twitter accounts to make jokes of the Mets financial problems. I know he’s trying...

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The Worst Days Are Beyond Us

Well, I hope at least. In past blogs, I’ve referred to the Mets as in a very similar situation to the Knicks. However, I think the Mets have changed their mojo a lot quicker then it took the Knicks too. As I eluded to over the past few seasons, the Mets issuesstemmed from Jerry Manuel to Omar Minaya et al. I think the new Mets brain trust will at least lead the team in the right direction this season. Trust me, I don’t think the Mets are going to even make the playoffs this year. Maybe contending for the Wild Card into deep August or September would please me. I don’t know if success this season will be matched in wins and losses. I think it will be just changing the culture, getting rid of the cancers of the team and locker room and getting a winning feeling amongst the team. My idea is that Alderson will try to clean up the roster and focus on player development in the minors and the draft. We know that for awhile the big spending days may be over and the Mets will look to pick up players along the way like the champion Giants did. An Aubrey Huff, a Cody Ross, this are the guys I feel we will go after. Guys you need on a pennant winner, not what the Mets...

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Wilpons offered Madoff part ownership of Mets

Could you imagine how bad this thing would be if he had taken them up on it? From ESPN-NY: When Fred Wilpon and family bought out Nelson Doubleday’s half of Mets ownership in 2002, Wilpon offered Bernard Madoff a chance to buy into the Mets. Madoff, who otherwise invested $12 million in alleged funny money with Sterling businesses, declined. Here’s the exact passage in the lawsuit: The only time Sterling offered Madoff an opportunity to invest that he declined was in the Mets, when in 2002, Doubleday sold its 50% ownership of the Mets and Sterling offered Madoff partial ownership interests in the...

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