Month: September 2010

Minaya and Manuel To Be Fired Monday

Well the first piece of good news for this Mets fan has been hitting Twitter and the blogosphere tonight as rumors are starting to come out that Omar Minaya is not re-assigned within the organization and will be outright fired on Monday. It is also rumored not to much surprise that Jerry Manuel will not return. If you were an original reader of this site then you know that Brian and myself are both not big fans of these guys. As a matter of fact speaking for myself, my big disconnect with the Mets right now is that I felt all along that there was no way that this combination of brain trust could lead us to the playoffs. I felt that this season was doomed since we were told that these two idiots were given a pass after last season. The idea of these two running the team, I feel zapped alot of energy out of the fans. Even as we hit our high water mark for the season as 11 games over, I knew it wouldn’t last. I feel that if the team can do the right thing and bring in a Wally Backman, that the team won’t exactly be headed for the playoffs, but at least a positive energy could exist. I feel that with a good GM and manager in place, that this team could replicate the...

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This Has Been Hard On Us

This has been a rough season. I guess this is the feeling of having a daughter and knowing she is dating a douchebag and there is nothing you can do to stop her. This season has been doomed from day one, shoot so was last season and the season before as well. The reason I feel this way is because the leadership of this team is and has been in shambles since game 7 in 2006. We now have watched the Phils win for 4 years in a row, and as much as I hate them, they are a well ran team. They went for the gusto in dealing for the two Roy’s and are seeing the rewards for those deals as they emerge as a true threat to the champion Yankees. Once again, I am left breaking out old VHS tapes to remember our glory days. Tonight, its September 18th, 2006. Four effing years, four effing years without playoffs. Gone are LoDuca, Glavine and Pedro. The dynasty we thought would emerge with Wright and Reyes has become one season in the sun and led us to being the joke of a franchise that we are today. I never thought in ’06 when I watched this game, that the nightmare of the past 4 seasons could have ever happened. Did Bill Buckner reverse the curse? I don’t know but...

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