Month: August 2010

Are You Still Here?

I’m back from my hiatus for the summer which felt like I visited most of the United States. I spent my summer mostly in New York and Tampa, but also made some stops in Kansas City, St. Louis and Minnesota. What can I come back and say about the Mets but I told you so. This team is stuck in the mud with its current management. It has been a long year and really a very long four years since game seven of the 2006 NLCS. Instead of complaining and focusing on the negatives (which I plan on doing sometime in the near future), I ask are you still here? The Mets are seven games back of the Wild Card as we get closer to September. Crazier things have happened and can the Mets get hot in time to get back in this thing. I, for one think this team is dead but after watching tonight’s game, seeing timely hitting, an offense who comes back and a walk-off hit, I cannot totally throw in the towel. The excitement of the team following a win shows me that these guys still believe, so why not me too (at least for now.) From attending games at Citi this summer, listening to WFAN and watching SNY, along with my friends opinions I find few people who seem to have any confidence. So I’m asking you are you...

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Mets must stay the course

Now that the 2010 trade deadline has come and gone with the Mets making zero moves, it’s painfully obvious what course they have decided to take. With this said, now that the Mets have decided upon a course, it is absolutely imperative that they stay the course. I’d say the biggest problem that this fanbase has with the team currently is that the franchise seems to be a rudderless ship and there is absolutely no plan. Not only doesn’t there seem to be a plan from season to season, there seems to be no idea exactly what this team is trying to accomplish in the long term. This is what happens when you employ a lame-duck manager and GM tandem. It’s like the entire organization is on pause until that stuff gets sorted out. As much as I wanted to see the Mets strengthen their squad, I was terribly afraid of Omar being given the keys to off load the kingdom. Considering what was out there I think it was wise to stand pat. As a team we need to admit that the last several seasons have been a abject failure and take our medicine. They are choosing to do that by developing youth and I personally like this decision. The only problem I have is when ticket sales are down even more next year, are the Wilpons going...

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