Month: June 2010

Mets Strike First In Subway Series

Jose Reyes continues to look like the player we all fell in love with as he came up huge tonight with a double to start a rally in the 8th and tacked on an RBI in the 9th. In the 8th, Pagan followed Reyes’ double with  a 2 RBI hit to put the Mets up 3-0 and lock up the Mets 7th consecutive road victory and 8th win overall. Hisanori Takahashi threw 6 more shutout innings against the Yanks to give the Mets their 3rd victory in 4 games this year in the subway series. It was nice to see the Mets beat a real team on the road as this was there first test after beating up on the O’s and Tribe. However, beating up on those bad teams can increase that confidence and the Mets continue to roll. Now all we can hope for is the Mets to pick up another win in the Bronx and clinch a great road trip. Big Pelf and Phil Hughes should give us a great game tomorrow in which could be a battle between future #1’s in New York. A great story to unfold tomorrow for sure….LETS GO...

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RA The Rugged Man Now 5-0

When the Mets hit the road after winning two of three at Citi Field versus San Diego, one thing was pretty clear at 8 and 18 on the road, they would need to start winning road games in order to compete for a playoff spot. The Mets have responded by beating bad baseball teams, sweeping both Baltimore and Cleveland to up that record to 14 and 18. Yes, we cannot get too excited about beating terrible baseball teams, but good baseball teams take care of business against teams like Cleveland and Baltimore and even better teams sweep those lousy teams. The Mets now have won 7 in a row and are 10 games above .500 for the first time this season. The Mets have trimmed the fat off this team and certainly now have team chemistry. I get spooked when I hear about them talking about John Maine and Luis Castillo’s returns. As long as this team is hot, you cannot touch the roster, crap, even Beltran can take as long as he wants to come back with the way Angel Pagan is playing.  I think the Mets need to think about how well they are playing and how excited everyone seems and the chemistry this team is playing with before making any changes. The Mets of course, will face a major challenge this weekend as they go to...

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Starting to believe

It’s been a little while since I made a post. That’s not for lack of Mets watching or commentary, it’s just a busy life often times keeping me from even starting up my laptop. I apologize profusely and look to get back on track now. World Cup fever has gripped my house these days, but I find myself more often then not watching the Mets. This is quite a statement on how the Mets are playing these days. I am starting to believe in this team. I am not trying to say I think they are going to win anything, what i mean is I think this squad with the new infusion of some youth could work. It’s not perfect by any means, and I still have a bit of a grocery list for Omar Minaya, but the core of this team is something to build on. Much has been written about the Mets “core” over the last few years, that being the likes of Wright, Reyes, and Beltran. But I think the squad as a whole took a much different shape over the last year or so with the additions of personalities of Francouer and Davis, as well as the jettisoning of players like Delgado, Heilmans, Ollie P et all. They seem to genuinely enjoy playing right now and they seem to have a lot of fight in...

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