Month: May 2010

Ollie P is a cancer

Today’s New York Post has stated that they talked to at least two players on the Mets that want Oliver Perez gone. They say that the players wish to remain anonymous so a healthy skepticism is prudent here. I never like the “anonymous” clubhouse quote, as they are generally fabricated to sell papers, but even if true, they signify larger issues. Scandal aside, the news isn’t surprising. Imagine being a guy like RA Dickey, Fernando Nieve, even Nelson Figueroa, or any pitcher in AAA and your fighting and working your ass off to get a shot and all the while you have to watch this bum stink it up for year after year. It sets a bad precedent for the entire organization. Players need to start being held accountable, and while you let this guy remain not only on the payroll, but taking up a roster space, you are sending the absolute wrong message. The front office needs to sniff this out and find out if it is in fact true that players want him gone, and if so they need to do everything can to remove him from the roster. If that means eating $20 million and worrying that he will be picked up for the minimum and prosper then so be it. Stop being afraid of what may happen and look at what is happening. The best...

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Mets Sweep Phils Outta Citi

The Mets finished off their hated rivals tonight to the tune of 3 to nada to complete a sweep. The Mets also held the Phils scoreless in all three games. Our Metsies made the two time defending National Champions look like chumps. The Mets pull within two games of the Phils for first place and move into third place, one-half game behind the Bravos. The Mets certainly have had their ups and downs this season but have shown in this home stand by defeated the two 2009 league champions 5 games to 1 that they can be for real when running on all cylinders. If the Mets can start to put together a little more consistency they can be contenders, not pretenders. This division looks like it is going to be tight and 89 wins or so could win the division. I think Met fan have to embrace this team and realize we are going to have lots of ups and downs but we will play better with the support of our fans, as the electricity as Citi tonight was something usually lacking from the atmosphere in Flushing. The Mets were led by Mike Pelfrey’s incredible outing and I continue to love the poise that he is showing this season. He really has picked us up big and I love watching him deal especially at Citi. Jose Reyes continued...

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The Vegas Corner

I will continue my look at the Mets from a Vegas perspective. I will use the number of a bettor trying to win $100 if the Mets are a favorite, and will bet $100 if the Mets are an underdog. I will also keep track of the over/under record. 5/27/10 vs.  Phillies-  Line: Mets (24-23)  +113W (+204 for season)  Total:  Under 7.5  (22-24-1 Over/Season) Runline: (32-16) +1704 for...

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I’m Back

I have gotten some very good feedback from people about my writing on this site. As funny as it is, it seems like I had more time on my hands during the off season then during the season, however all of that has come to an end. Tonight, was last coaching gig of the year and I intend of focus more of my time to this site and of course the Mets. Coaching takes a lot of hard work and dedication and that dedication led to me missing the first two games of this Philly series, yes my team won the championship but I haven’t gotten to see the great performances of Taka and RA the Rugged Man. I hope to spend the upcoming months watching and breathing Mets baseball and once again adding great fan perspective on the Mets, I know I am not professional but I have been given great feedback on my perspective.I also will be back to Citi in late June and always looking for partners in crime for games and/or Mcfadden’s or a Citi parking lot tailgate.  I hope those of you that are still passing on by this site will keep on checking it out in the days to come and see what I have in store and please tell your friends about us, hopefully we will have a lot to write about in...

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