Month: April 2010

From Worst To First

Get excited Met fans! GET EXCITED!!!! This is time to start to believe in this club. In one small week, since Ike Davis arrived the Mets have put on an 8 and 1 homestand and have moved to first place after starting the week in last. Karma is on the Mets side as all kinds of negatives are affecting the Phils, who after being up on the Nats and ‘Stros have done NOTHING!!!!!!!! They face Lincecum and could be swept right out of San Fran later today. This team is starting to believe in themselves and it’s time for all you negative Met fans to jump on the bandwagon as we head into Philly this weekend to beat up on those strugglin’...

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Double Trouble For Dodgers

The Mets did something they have not done from 1971 by sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers in a doubleheader tonight at Citi Field. The Mets won the first game by a score of 4 to 0 and followed that up with a 10 to 5 win in the nightcap.With late night action still going on the Mets have pulled ahead of Florida and will either be in first in the NL East or first in the NL Wild Card by the end of the night.  The Mets put themselves in a position to go 9 and 1 on the home stand which would match the best home stand with the 1969 and 1988 Mets. Definitely good company to be in! Fans seem to be slowly coming around to this team, like that ex-girlfriend you gotta feel her out and make sure she is not going to make the same mistakes that had you broke up first. However, I am getting pretty excited, Kevin Burkhardt is still reporting he cannot believe how together the clubhouse is. Then all of the announcers at one point tonight, talked about how the karma is on the Mets side right now. I was also excited to see Pagan jumping around like a little kid after Wright’s triple with the bases loaded to break open the nightcap. Today’s highlights would include David Wright going 3...

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Ryan Howard gets paid …. way too much

Holy cow did Ryan Howard get paid.  The Phillies just locked him up to a 5 year, $125 million dollar deal.  For those struggling with the math that’s 25 MILLION per year.  That’s crazy. Am I the only one that thinks this is insanely overpaid?  Especially when you consider Utley is making roughly $12 million per year and I think he is a far superior player. I am not trying to say I don’t think Howard is a great player, but wow, he shouldn’t be up in the A-Rod range.  How much do you think Pujols is gonna get?  The Cardinals have to be crying in the front office right now. My quess is that this means the Phillies will not be able to resign Jason Werth next season when he goes free-agent and as a Mets fan I love that.  Werth is very much part of the gritty heart and sould of the Phils and I will love to see him gone.  It also probably means Rollins is gone, but truthfully he seems pretty close to done anyways. This deal would pay Howard $25 million per year until Howard is 36 years old, that just seems crazy to me.  He’s a big dude, I gotta imagine he starts to break down at some point.  The fate of the Phils could very well be determined by this contract in...

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Home Field Advantage???

After watching the Mets dominate the last week at Citi Field, I am starting to wonder if the Mets are starting to get a home field advantage. The Cubs and Braves looked absolutely lost trying to track fly balls, play balls off the fence and go after balls in foul territory. The Mets defensively look pretty good and think the Mets have done a nice job by getting good defensive outfielders, which will be a must for all future teams at Citi Field. I know Citi has eaten up a lot of home runs but the Mets also look like they are able to find “triples alley’ when they need a big hit or to get a rally started. This shows that the Mets are starting not only to get an advantage defensively but also offensively. The road teams i.e Cubs and Braves struggled hitting which may be shows some inexperience for not playing at Citi everyday. I could be way off base here but this weekend for the first time I really started to think that this place is starting to feel like home for the players and familarity is happening for the Mets. I think if true that because of Citi’s quirks, the Mets should acquire a huge homefield advantage which will only lead my charge for the Mets being competitive even bigger in...

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I Love Big Pelf

Big Pelf did not have his best game last night but he was able to weave in and out of trouble and keep the Braves off the scoreboard. Big Pelf lowered his National League leading ERA to 0.69 with 5 scoreless innings in a 6 inning rain shortened game at Citi Field last night. I know 5 innings and 107 pitches is nothing to get excited about but I am. This is a game last season where Pelf would have totally self destructed. There is no way he gets out of the trouble he was in last season. This shows his maturity, growth and the confidence that Mike has earned already in this season. Amazing as it is, it was that spring training game at Tampa where Pelf got it going. So say as you say how important Spring Training is. I don’t expect Pelf or anyone else to continually throw shut outs but what we do ask is when someone does not have their best stuff is to keep us in the game. We want to have a chance to compete and the game in Colorado where Maine gave up 8 runs in 3 innings is not what we need. This game gives me confidence that everytime Pelf hits the mound the Mets will be able to...

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