Murph Out 2-6 Weeks

UPDATE: Eddie Coleman has just called the Fan to tell Mike, that Murph will be out 2-6 weeks. Ed thinks Jacobs will become the starting first baseman. Ed is talking to Omar later to see if Ike will be back.

SNY has reported that Daniel Murphy is not doing as well as they had thought he would the day after his knee injury and is doubtful for Opening Day. This should open the door for Mike Jacobs to stay with the club which I’m happy about. Last night on SNY, they did mention that Ike Davis may get another look if this injury looks like one that will put Murph on the DL. I do like Murph and hope he does not get Wally Pipp’d but time will tell, I am assuming there is a big chance this could be the last time we refer to Murph as a starting player for the Mets.

Mets Hall of Fame To Open Monday

Adam Rubin of ESPNewYork, has just tweeted that the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum will open Monday at 10:40. Those with tickets will be able to access the museum. With the promises of Johan, McFadden’s and the Mets Hall of Fame opening, this definitely should be one of the more memorable days the Mets have had. Anyone who is lucky enough to be going should try to hit all of these wonderful new spots. It was also mentioned by Kerel Cooper, of that Boomer and Carton will be doing their show from McFadden’s Monday, damn I hate work and living 2,500 miles away. I hope all ya’ll have a ton of fun and let me know how all of these new innovations are. LETS GO METS!!!!

Rotation Shuffle

If you missed it, the Mets have reshuffled their rotation. I guess John Maine gets the award for being the “least worst” by being moved up to the second spot despite his weak spring. Here is the break down:

1. Johan Santana

2. John Maine

3. Jon Niese

4. Mike Pelfrey

5. Oliver Perez

I am actually surprised the Mets made a baseball decision and rewarded Niese for not being terrible like the other 3. I think putting Niese up is a great move as we definitely have more confidence in him then the others right now.  I don’t know how many bad Pelf and Perez starts we can take this year. I think the next move is Perez and Pelf to the minors, maybe they have a good shrink in Buffalo.

This Curse Is For You

Rest assured Met fans, as bad as it looks right now, we have one thing working with us. Sports Illustrated has picked the Phillies to knock of the Rays for the Series title. Not only that but Roy Halladay is on the cover as seen right here. Don’t forget last season the Metsies were picked to go all the way and we remember what happened. The SI curse is even worse then the Madden curse and worked for me recently as I sawNorthern Iowa on the cover so I bet on Michigan State and of course won my bet. So write this guarantee down right now, thanks to SI there is no chance in hell the Phillies win the World Series this season and that’s something that can give us some hope this season!!! Thanks SI!!!

#5 Days ‘Til Opening Day

A rough Tuesday in Met Land has deterred some people about the 2010 and those people at this point people have every right to be disgruntled. However, I am going to remain positive until we get to Opening Day which is only 5 days a way now. With that being said, I am back from vacation and ready to countdown with you loyal readers once again.

Today, with 5 days left lets talk about the “Franchise”, David Wright. It seems like David Wright is still a baby but he is not, he should be entering his prime as he is now 27 years old. Not long ago it feels, David was a 21 year old rookie who’s promise looked so good that it forced the Mets to deal fan favorite Ty Wigginton.

David grew up with a ton of talent around him as he grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. As the story goes, David used to go watch the Norfolk Tides as he dad worked games as an officer, which drew him to becoming a Mets fan. I think it does not get cooler then one of our top players being born and bred a Met fan. David was drafted in 2001 in the supplemental draft. The Mets actually acquired the pick they used on David when Mike Hampton signed with the Rockies.

In the middle of a down 2004 for the Mets, they needed something to get some attention and sell some seats, so they paired up their prized possessions when they brought up David Wright to play along side Jose Reyes. David came up in July and batted .293 with 14 homers and 40 RBI in 69 games. David definitely turned heads and Met fans had to be excited with the prospects of having Wright and Reyes together for along time. In his first full season in 2005, David batted .306 with 27 home runs, 99 runs, 102 RBI, 42 doubles, and 17 stolen bases. He was now not only with Reyes but the team showed improvement with free agent signings Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran.

As 2006 approached and the Mets picked up more free agents in Carlos Delgado, Paul LoDuca and Billy Wagner, the Mets were looked at as a team that could finally knock off the Braves. Wright had a great season in the middle of that line up with a .311 batting average, 26 homers and 114 RBI’s. David alongside 5 of his teammates would make the All-Star team and in DWright fashion homered in his first All-Star at bat. The Mets would fall short in ’06 but the future for David looked brighter then ever.

2007 would see David join the exclusive 30-30 club, while batting a career high .325 but again the Mets fell short, David struggled early in ’08 but would get his numbers close to his averaged by time the season ended. David and Jose as well, sometimes were believed to be over played by their managers as they both played around 160 games in these years and wore down which may have been part of the Mets late season collapses. David also is sometimes said to work too hard or puts too much pressure on himself. I love that he cares a lot but we need David to step up to the challenges and do his best when the pressure is on.

In ’09 David was said to change his approach and struggled throughout the season as teammate after teammate went down with injury. David got off to a good start average wise but definitely could not find his power throughout the season. It will be interesting to see in the 2nd year of CitiField how David will take his approach. From spring training it appears he is going to go for the power that make him a 30+ guy in ’07 and ’08. I hope he just goes with what he is most comfortable with, I cannot stand when they try to change these guys when they are successful, it just makes no sense to me.

As we get close to 2010, one thing all Met fans can agree on is that we David Wright more then ever, on the field and by grabbing the bull by the horns and taking a leadership role on this club, he is not a kid any more and needs to make this his team or else we are in for trouble for the years to come.

#7 Days ‘Til Opening Day

Alright guys I’ve been on vacation the last couple of days but I still continue to get excited about Opening Day. I think today is the day you really can start to see the finish line of Spring Training as we are now just one week away. Hopefully, at this time next week Johan Santana will be mowing down Marlin after Marlin and our offense can muster a  few runs off Josh Johnson to get us off to a good start in 2010.

Thinking of Opening Day can only make us reflect on what could be, and with this team what could be, could be huge things if Jose Reyes gets back to the form that has made him an All-Star. Jose is the engine of this offense and needs to be healthy for the Mets to have any chance. I think Jose has shown that he can play a full season and stay healthy so lets hope that he is 100% after last year’s leg problems and this spring’s thyroid problems.

In my opinion, there is no one player more exciting in the game then Jose when he has it going. A player that can steal bases, turn a walk into a run, hit for power, leg out triples, and make unbelievable plays at short. He is hated by many opposing clubs for it, but I love his energy and that he can get his team pumped up. I feel that all teams have cocky, excited guys like Jose but Jose is the posterboy for celebrating which I feel is just that New York bias people have.

I hope Jose comes back this season with his 2006 energy and to be honest his 2006 play. I feel that this team has hit a lull since Jose decided to “tone it down.” Be who you are Jose, I think your fans and teammates want you to be. Who cares what all the idiots who are just jealous think? Jose be Jose!!!

Mets pursuing Bronson Arroyo

Filed in the “Duh” department, it appears that the Mets are in pursuit of Bronson Arroyo.  Mike Pignataro over at reports:

Yesterday, the Mets had a scout in attendance at the Dodgers-Reds game scouting Reds RHPBronson Arroyo.

According to a source, the Mets have interest in Arroyo at this time. The source believes Arroyo would be a good fit for the Mets and Citi Field as he pitches to contact.

I am on that thinks Arroyo would be a good fit with the Mets. Yes I know he is nothing remarkable but he is a steady arm that I think would fit well into Citi Field. This guy always makes at least 30 starts and 200+ innings a season and that’s something we definitely need. Is he a bona fide #2 starter, probably not, but he would definitely be a stabilizing force in an otherwise shaky rotation.

It’s all about what it will take the land him, and it seems it would probably take a lower level prospect with a good upside.  I don’t think that would be a large obstacle to a deal getting done, especially if Pelfrey, Maine, or Ollie stumble out of the gate.  Couple that with the fact that Minaya’s job security will be largely determined by how this rotation performs, I think there is a good possibility of this deal happening at some point.

Jenrry Mejia will make opening day roster

It looks like 20 year old spring training phenom Jenrry Mejia is going to make the Mets opening day roster.  In what role nobody knows but it looks like he will come north with the club and be a part of their opening day bullpen.

Adam Rubin of (launches Friday) has reported that Sean Green and Bobby Parnell will be demoted to AAA.  Probably more because they have options left then entirely on performance, though Green hasn’t looked very good this spring.

This would probably mean, as MetsBlog points out, that Nelson Figueroa will make the roster as well.  This is good in my eyes cause Figgy has pitched well and affords the Mets a lot of options with the way he can be the long man out of the pen and also make a spot start in an emergency.  I also have a soft spot for Figgy as he’s a guy that really wants to play in New York.

That would leave one spot to be occupied by either Mejia or Kiko Calero.  Calero has pitched fairly well and despite his late addition to the squad has shown improvements each week.  I would still have to lean to Mejia making the club as he has largely been dominant this spring, and is potentially the best fit as an 8th inning guy.  I’d like to see him matched up against batters that have already seen him a few times to see if they are able to figure him out at all.  At this point I am ok with bringing Mejia up.  I would rather see him in AAA for more seasoning but the fact is he is the best option and starting him in AAA would downgrade the big club.

Obviously nothing is 100% at this point, but this is the way it’s looking like it will shake out.

Mets Weekly and Julie Are Back!

K-Rods new wheels

Found this over at HotFootBlog as well. This is a picture of K-Rods new wheels. Man this thing is pretty awesome. I guess it’s kind of a Florida rule though that you have to get it in white? Look at all the Mets staff standing around salivating.

Of course being the eternal pessimist, I immediately noticed the huge ice wrap on K-Rods elbow. I know it’s standard procedure after pitching, but it did take some of the luster off of the sweet car.