Month: March 2010

Murph Out 2-6 Weeks

UPDATE: Eddie Coleman has just called the Fan to tell Mike, that Murph will be out 2-6 weeks. Ed thinks Jacobs will become the starting first baseman. Ed is talking to Omar later to see if Ike will be back. SNY has reported that Daniel Murphy is not doing as well as they had thought he would the day after his knee injury and is doubtful for Opening Day. This should open the door for Mike Jacobs to stay with the club which I’m happy about. Last night on SNY, they did mention that Ike Davis may get another look if this injury looks like one that will put Murph on the DL. I do like Murph and hope he does not get Wally Pipp’d but time will tell, I am assuming there is a big chance this could be the last time we refer to Murph as a starting player for the...

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Mets Hall of Fame To Open Monday

Adam Rubin of ESPNewYork, has just tweeted that the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum will open Monday at 10:40. Those with tickets will be able to access the museum. With the promises of Johan, McFadden’s and the Mets Hall of Fame opening, this definitely should be one of the more memorable days the Mets have had. Anyone who is lucky enough to be going should try to hit all of these wonderful new spots. It was also mentioned by Kerel Cooper, of that Boomer and Carton will be doing their show from McFadden’s Monday, damn I hate work and living 2,500 miles away. I hope all ya’ll have a ton of fun and let me know how all of these new innovations are. LETS GO...

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Rotation Shuffle

If you missed it, the Mets have reshuffled their rotation. I guess John Maine gets the award for being the “least worst” by being moved up to the second spot despite his weak spring. Here is the break down: 1. Johan Santana 2. John Maine 3. Jon Niese 4. Mike Pelfrey 5. Oliver Perez I am actually surprised the Mets made a baseball decision and rewarded Niese for not being terrible like the other 3. I think putting Niese up is a great move as we definitely have more confidence in him then the others right now.  I don’t know how many bad Pelf and Perez starts we can take this year. I think the next move is Perez and Pelf to the minors, maybe they have a good shrink in...

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This Curse Is For You

Rest assured Met fans, as bad as it looks right now, we have one thing working with us. Sports Illustrated has picked the Phillies to knock of the Rays for the Series title. Not only that but Roy Halladay is on the cover as seen right here. Don’t forget last season the Metsies were picked to go all the way and we remember what happened. The SI curse is even worse then the Madden curse and worked for me recently as I sawNorthern Iowa on the cover so I bet on Michigan State and of course won my bet. So write this guarantee down right now, thanks to SI there is no chance in hell the Phillies win the World Series this season and that’s something that can give us some hope this season!!! Thanks...

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#5 Days ‘Til Opening Day

A rough Tuesday in Met Land has deterred some people about the 2010 and those people at this point people have every right to be disgruntled. However, I am going to remain positive until we get to Opening Day which is only 5 days a way now. With that being said, I am back from vacation and ready to countdown with you loyal readers once again. Today, with 5 days left lets talk about the “Franchise”, David Wright. It seems like David Wright is still a baby but he is not, he should be entering his prime as he is now 27 years old. Not long ago it feels, David was a 21 year old rookie who’s promise looked so good that it forced the Mets to deal fan favorite Ty Wigginton. David grew up with a ton of talent around him as he grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. As the story goes, David used to go watch the Norfolk Tides as he dad worked games as an officer, which drew him to becoming a Mets fan. I think it does not get cooler then one of our top players being born and bred a Met fan. David was drafted in 2001 in the supplemental draft. The Mets actually acquired the pick they used on David when Mike Hampton signed with the Rockies. In the middle of a down...

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