Month: February 2010

Mets Fantasy Outlook: Jose and Johan

Over the next couple of days, I am going to take a look at different Mets players from a fantasy perspective, tonight’s installment will start off with two of the most talented players in the game, Jose Reyes and Johan Santana, who disappointed owners last year with injuries but appear to be undervalued this season, perhaps taking a risk on one or both of these guys will pay huge dividends for your team. Most fans that are die hard enough to spend time reading blogs like this one are also big time into fantasy baseball. Hey, it gives us regular folk a chance at being the GM and manager of our very own club. Fantasy baseball, whether for pride or for money has become a very popular form of entertainment in this country. In my opinion, Fantasy baseball is the best sport for Fantasy. I love the everyday, hands-on grind that is the baseball season. Fantasy football, which you only need to follow once a week just doesn’t do it for me.  Even though the critics think the Mets are going nowhere this season, they still have a ton of all star calibur players that are going to be highly desired in fantasy drafts. However, this season is going to be very interesting for fantasy drafts as there remain many questions with many of the traditionally high picks from...

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New Gear For 2010

You ever see Jimmy Fallon’s closet in Fever Pitch? Does your closet look that way? Mine does. From my prized Mitchell and Ness Hernandez Jersey, to my Mo Vaughn player tee shirt from my 1986 Champs tee to my 2006 NL East Champs shirt my closet is stocked with orange and blue. Some pickups are timeless and some like the Mo Vaughn shirt are just right embarrassing. However, if you are like me then the smell of spring training says just more then baseball is coming, it means I can buy new Mets gear to rock. The biggest item for the 2010 season is the new alternate cream jersey at the top. The Mets have replaced the white pinstriped jersey with a “old style” cream jersey ala the Giants and Phillies alternate jersey. Since authentic jerseys are expensive, I try to get one new one a season. This season I have already decided that the new jersey is a must. I loved how the 1900 jersey’s the Mets wore last year vs. the Giants looked and like the old flannel look. These are not flannel but the color is a breathe of fresh air. I do wish as others have said that they left the black off of these and left them as a straight retro version of the 1969 jersey. Now I just need to you tell me...

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ESPN Olney Mets Preview

ESPN METS Preview Found this on YouTube…not bad considering the total bias ESPN showed vs. the Mets last season. Pretty positive feedback, funny that a guy paid alot of money has the same opinion I wrote about, if Perez stands up we will be really good…anyone wanna pay me for my opinion? I said that a couple of days ago. The more and more I hear, I am keeping positive and am starting to believe we have a chance. Cross your...

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Stadium Tours: Phoenix, Arizona

Being over 2,500 miles away from Shea CitiField, I’m sure I miss out on some info and other things that I’d love to be a part of. However, one thing that I do get to do is  see the Mets away from home. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to chronical my travels to different west coast visiting cities. My first entry was on Dodger Stadium, this week I will discuss the different ventures I have had while visiting Chase Field in Phoenix. Having a former teammate, who happens to be a Mets fan, living in the Valley of the Sun has many advantages, quick flight to visit with a good friend and of course pro sports to watch. Living in a city with no pro sports absoultely sucks, so I always make sure that when the Mets are in the PHX, that I will be attendance. Big shout out the #18 John Soto for being a great friend! Lets talk about the stadium first. I’ve only been to games with the roof closed so I cannot give that open roof feel but this stadium feels like a giant NBA arena. It doesn’t give you that baseball feel, when at concessions it 100% feels like an arena in my opinion. If you want that old school feel then this is definitely not the stadium for you....

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Video Diary on Ike Davis

Here is a video done by Matthew Cerrone from over at who is down in Port St. Lucie covering spring training. He did this video diary for SNY and in the video he follows around Ike Davis to see what all the buzz is...

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