Time To Blog

Being a basketball coach doesn’t allow me the time I would love to have to concentrate on other interests I have. However, with winter break here for me, I have some time to focus on New York sports. Of course, as I sit down and relax, my the Football Giants decide to take a short cut to the golf course. Bored and with no football hopes this weekend, I looked under my Christmas tree and started to get Mets fever. The 50 year DVD set and new alternate hat strengthened my desire to start thinking about Met baseball once again. With these good feelings about the Mets, I figured I’d check out the pundit.

As Brian has mentioned in the past, with careers and family, fourth place finishes, and of course the ownership it can be very hard to blog like we once did on this site. I give tremendous credit to all bloggers out there, it is much harder then it seemed to stay fresh and creative. I am still here though, watching as many games as I can, watching as much SNY and listening to as much WFAN as possible, still bleeding that orange and blue.

Much has happened for this club lately and I’d like to check in with my opinions. I love the Wright deal, for a team that as Ron Darling once said has had a lot of lows and not as many highs, it is important for us to build up the history and tradition of this club. DWright has many Met records and is on his way to becoming the best offensive player in club history. It would be great for the person who owns all these records to start his career a Met and end his career as a Met. I’m sick of seeing our home grown talent leave us in their prime, i.e. Seaver, Strawberry, Reyes et. Al. It is with David, we will move into a new era, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d love to see sipping that champagne once again in Flushing.

Don’t get me wrong, I just talked about history and tradition and as great it is to see a Met win a very rare award for a Met such as the Cy Young award R.A. Dickey won, I feel the Mets made the correct move in moving him. The Mets have proven they can scout when they stole Zack Wheeler from the Giants. I trust and feel the Mets may have pulled off a similar coup by bringing Travis d’Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard into the organization.

Dickey was a great story, seemed like a helluva guy and made the Mets watchable again. However, the Mets still finished in fourth place. Going into 2013, even if Dickey could repeat 2012, I don’t feel that was going to put the Mets in a position to make the playoffs. The Mets also will save $25 million that hopefully they could spend prior to the 2014 to bring in some reinforcements. If just one of those two prospects pans out, the Mets will have someone who could help this team for the next ten years. Not to mention by acquiring the top catching prospect in baseball, I can have faith that the Mets can be successful as we were under Carter and Piazza.  All in all, I have to give Alderson an A on this move.

We Met fans must remain patient, 2013 is not going to be a championship year for this team but we can all hope that the season can be more of a 1968, 1984 or 2005. Those season saw the development of young players who grew together to form championship teams in the next coming seasons. If Wheeler, Harvey, d’Arnaud and Syndergaard can join together with the Wright’s and Davis’ of the team then we might just be looking at a rebirth of winning in Queens.

Official: New York Mets Awarded 2013 All-Star Game

After years of speculation, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig made the official announcement on Wednesday, May 16 that the New York Mets will host the 2013 All-Star Game. This is a great way for the city to bring positive publicity to its new ballpark in Queens and welcome visitors from around the country to see their favorite players battle it out for the divisional All-Star title. After several rocky years on the new field, the Mets are hoping that the energy for the All-Star game will drive the team throughout the regular season as well.

The Mets started playing at their new home, Citi Field, in 2009, but they have suffered a heartbreaking losing records for all of their first three years. In addition, the team has had some financial troubles, leading owner Fred Wilpon to go through a long string of negotiations with the MLB over this game. It has been in the works for several years, promised to the city along with the 2008 game at the Yankee Stadium. Now that negotiations are complete, the city can officially start publicizing the game and hopefully create momentum around the Mets this year.

This will be the second time the NY Mets have had a chance to host the All-Star Game, with the first being in 1964. However, New York City has definitely seen its share of games, with the Yankees hosting four times, including 2008, which was their last year in Yankee Stadium. The Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants also hosted the game when they were in the area. And the metro New York area will see the Super Bowl come to the area in 2014, when the big game will take place just across the river at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg estimates that the game will bring the city $191 million in a combination of ticket sales, hotel revenue, and money from the associated events. According to ESPN, there will be a procession of athletes through Manhattan, a charity run, and a big concert all held that weekend as part of the festivities. In addition, the Fan Fest will be held at the Javits Convention Center. The city will set a record as the only to have hosted the MLB All-Star Game nine times.

Ticket prices for the game are expected to rise close to where they were for the game held at Yankee Stadium, which charged $150 to $725 for each seat. Compare this to the ticket's for this year's game in Kansas City, which are selling for $125 to $450. However, everything in New York is more expensive, so the steep prices are to be expected. For visitors who can't make it to New York for the game, Direct TV is the best place to get not only the game, but also surrounding events and interviews to complete the All-Star experience.

The All-Star game is scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, 2013, which is the latest the game will ever be played. It usually occurs earlier in the month of July. Unlike the NFL's Pro Bowl, the MLB's All-Star Game occurs in the middle of the season, giving players only half of the season to prove themselves worthy of selection to represent their league. However, it also ensures that players from the top teams get to play in the game, which the NFL's Super Bowl schedule does not allow. This encourages fans to attend because they know their favorite players will be there.

Upset? No Way Jose!

If you are a realist you saw this coming a mile away, no way was Jose Reyes coming back. However, in my opinion this is a good thing. The way the Mets are currently constructed adding Jose Reyes to mix isn’t the piece that is going to get them back to the World Series. With or without Jose this team is fighting for at best third place. Why should the Mets add another $20 million dollar contract to the mix and give this team less flexibility in the future when they may actually be a piece or two away from playoff contention.

The thing is this is one of the smarter moves the team has made in awhile, the Omar administration would have just throw cash as him like Ollie P, Castillo or Bay. Let’s face it folks, the Mets are not going to be able to contend for awhile. The Phils still have Halladay et. al. The Braves, Nats and Fish all have young studs and well, we have a AAAA team. By time the Mets are ready to contend again, Jose Reyes will be long past his prime. Signing him would have just added another anchor around a team that needs flexibility going forward.

Even with all of this information, we are forgetting the most obvious thing, JOSE IS INJURY PRONE! The Mets definitely cannot afford to take a risk on someone who’s legs have been a problem for most of his career. Jose wanted six years, how productive are those legs going to be in the second part of this contract. For a guy who came back this year after an injury and forgot what a stolen base looked like and couldn’t hit a triple in a triples ballpark, the risk was too much. If we were talking about a power hitter at 34 versus a leadoff guy at 34 are too totally different things.

There is definitely blame to the Wilpon’s in this mess however, they gambled with the Mets money and lost. A team that was adding a $20 million piece an off-season is now reduced to cutting payroll left and right. If this was 5 years ago regardless of how competitive the team was they would have been able to sign Jose to a huge contract. Those days have past us and because of the Wilpon’s we will be reduced to Gee, Duda and Murphy as our best players instead of Beltran, Delgado and Reyes. The ownership is a complete joke in my opinion and things are only getting worse. You can’t blame Jose for running away from the joke that is the Mets.

Lastly, how can anyone be surprised? The Mets are bad, remember the jokes from a few years ago that people didn’t want to play for the Mets, do you think that idea has changed with a few more bad seasons? Are you surprised Jose chased money and moved to Miami. Jose showed his true colors on the last day of the season. Jose didn’t stay in for the fans or to help the team, he cared about his batting title. He doesn’t care about the Mets, he cares about Jose. This is the same guy that fought with Jerry Manuel in the first inning of Jerry’s career in front of everyone to see. Of course, he would chase the money, I am not shocked.

I think most Met fans I know have my same sentiment about Jose and that it is was smart to let him go. I would also go as far as saying that like the Phillies most Met fans are going to hate this guy when he is not in your uniform. Here’s to the Marlins being stuck with a bad contract in a few years!

Best Mets News In A Long Time

It’s not everyday the Mets make the right move or do the right thing but today is not that day. No the Mets didn’t sign a new ace or retain Jose Reyes but they are making changes to Citi Field. First off, not that it will help the team but they are making the fence blue. If the rumors are true and we are going to see less black in the uniform department and now the fence the Mets are actually listening. The Mets colors are blue and orange bottom line. As many great blogs like Mets Police have stated, lets bury the black and remember it as the “Piazza Era.”

Secondly, they have decided to change the fence distance and height. This is a great move, this field has all but killed the careers of David Wright and Jason Bay. Flat out, the designed the park for Jose Reyes to hit triples and ignored David Wright. Now that Reyes is going to leave them high and dry, there is a chance they may be able to resurrect David’s career and keep him happy enough to stay in Queens.

Simple things like the fence and dropping the black may not forge this team to first place but I think as simple as they are they do show signs of improvement. The Mets are listening and under this leadership are making smarter decisions. The Mets have seen that there original plan is not working and the Mets play at home this season forged this move. The field is definitely in batter’s head and something had to be done. Instead of wasting another season, the Mets can at least try to make Citi Field, the home we all have been waiting to make it. Hopefully, in the years to come the team will make us forget Shea and think of Citi as home sweet home.

All Or One?

With the 25th anniversary of the Mets last series victory coming and going, I once again ask the old the Mets/Yankees question. Would you rather win a ton of titles or have a few you can look at as very special?

There is no doubt that all Mets fans that were alive in 1986 and remember cheering for the team can fondly remember this Mets club. Take more for example, right now I am watching game 7 of the 1986 series. My room is decorated with such items as a 1986 World Series banner and in my closet I could throw on a Mex, Nails, Doc or Straw jersey.

Whether it is baseball season or not, whether the Mets are the joke of baseball, I can also put on the old Year To Remember video. I can always tell the story of how I fell asleep when the ball went through Buckner’s legs with a smile. I claim my fondest Shea Stadium memory as the 20th year reunion in 2006.

For the Met fan, 1986 will always have a huge hold in our hearts. However, if the Mets had won 27 titles would be look at this team the same way. If the Mets had won in 84, 88, 90, etc., etc., etc., would 1986 jump out as much. My answer is no, the more they would have won would have taken the individuality out of this year. However, this club had so many characters that it would be hard to say it would not have been one of the best eras of Mets baseball.

To answer the question I would give it up all of those memories to have more then one title in my lifetime. I’m sure for Yankee fans those titles of the late 90′s and early 00′s blend together and that none of those individual teams are as important to them as the 1986 one is for Mets fans but nothing beats winning.

The Mets have had just a few close calls since 1986 and the Met fan is left wondering will I ever see this team win again? I’m sure the Yankee fan is just wondering when the next one is coming, not if. As I get older and my parents do too, I hope that one more time in our lifetimes, we will be able to share that moment of seeing the Mets bring it home. The feeling of celebrating with them would more then outweigh the banners, the VHS tapes and the jerseys.

Good Riddance

 It has been quite awhile since I needed to vent here on MetsPundit.com but as with 2007 and 2008, another debacle has me emotional on the last day of the season. The difference this season is that there wasn’t a collapse or tears in my eyes but the similiarity is the Mets remain a joke.

I maybe thirty years old but I consider myself old school. If I had Doc Brown’s time machine, just like Marty McFly I grab some Air Mag’s and a book of sports results to bring to a Vegas casino but first I would love to go watch some baseball, catch Babe Ruth in the 20′s and Willie, Mickey and the Duke in 50′s.

Hearing the story as a kid of how Ted Williams played in a double header and brought his average from .3995 to .406 is legendary and it is a beautiful part of a wonderful game. What Jose Reyes did during his last game of the 2011 season is nothing less then cowardly. It to me is shortcut and I feel the same as if he was caught using performance enhancers. He cheated the game, he cheated himself and he cheated Ryan Braun.

In his last game for the Mets, Reyes got a bunt base hit and pulled himself out of the game to hold on to his lead. How about all the Met fans who only showed up to see Jose off and give him the respect that up until this point he deserved. No thought of anyone else here but himself, not the game, not the fans just Jose.

This is why I feel he is gone, Jose is not all about the team or doing things the right way. How many times has he not run hard, or how can we forget calling out Jerry Manuel in his first ever game managing. Jose is me first, team second and with that philosophy, he is going to run to the money. He can talk all he wants about the Mets and wanting to be here but he would pick playing for the Toledo Mud Hens if it paid more then in Queens.

Jose is what is wrong with sports, cocky, obnoxious, and here for himself. Just wait and see, he is going to chase that money. I think he showed his true colors yesterday and all I can say is good riddance. This is not the type of player I want to build around because just like the last three years, this team has gone nowhere with players like Jose.

At Least The Mets Are Entertaining

As I’ve mentioned several times, as this season unfolded I was not going to hold high expectations but I wanted the Mets to at least entertain me and give me hope that the future is not going to be as bleak as 2009 and 2010.

So far the Mets have carried up their side of the bargain and I have to say that after a very ugly 5 and 13 start, I have held up my side of the bargain by watching as much as possible.

In 2005, we got a new manager, some of our youth and free agents started molding together and built up something special for the following season. Watching in 2005, I had hope and knew 2006 was going to be a year to remember. I feel that this group could be starting to bring some of those feelings come back.

The term that we heard over and over again was “grit”, in the past we didn’t have it, now it is a word that many used to define this team. The Turner’s, the Murphy’s, Pagan’s etc. have carried the team while superstars Wright, Davis and Santana mend injuries. These guys want to win and play the game hard. Yes, we have to deal with this occassional dumb mistake but they are giving their all.

It is really amazing that this team has played 9 or so games over .500 since that awful beginning and have only picked up steam after Davis and Wright were sidelined. If the bullpen could have held up lately this team could be ahead for the wild card. It shows you the job Terry Collins has done. The thing that has me on TC’s side especially is hearing Jose Reyes’ comments and love for him.

Speaking of Jose, a lot has been said but he is the NL MVP at this point. I am so shocked people gave up so early on Jose, he always has been one of the most talented players in baseball but only has been slowed by injuries never a lack of talent. I think that the support that the7line and others have shown for Jose will likely keep him in town at least until the end of the season but I think there is still a big chance that he doesn’t get the contract offer he deserves from the Mets and could walk to a team like the Red Sox.

Who knows what the next three and a half months will hold in store for the Mets but I hope that it will be enough to give us hope that we can get back to where we need to be in 2012.

Sometimes you gotta get action somewhere else

Yes our Mets are on a great little run here and I am loving it. I like seeing the grit and fight in this team. I could care less about their record this year, for me it’s all about their attitude. Give me a team that fights hard and doesn’t back down from anyone that loses 100 games any day over a team of spoiled prima donna’s that win 85 and blame everything else but themselves for the team shortcomings.

So what have I been doing lately to keep my attention? I’ve been doing a little wagering. I love to gamble on the NFL and do it in all kinds of crazy ways, but baseball never really interested me. I started to work with a new guy and he’s crazy about betting the MLB. After hearing about how he does it and realizing it’s really not that complicated as long as you follow baseball I decided to give it a shot. If your interested here is the site I use, it has a comprehensive list of all the MLB Odds. It’s been super easy to use.

Let me tell you, the other night when Daniel Murphy launched that homer in the 8th inning of that game against the Nationals I went nuts. I’d normally go nuts anyways, but with some bills on the line too I was ecstatic. I probably haven’t felt like that since 2006. Totally ridiculous I know but hey, it’s what I do, haha.

Anyways thanks for hanging with us, we are still here, we still love our Mets baseball, and Lets Go Mets!

Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview

Just a quick heads up to you guys out there. The Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview is now available to order. It wont be released until March 1st but you can go ahead and reserve your copies today.

Amazon: Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2011: New York Mets Preview
Official Site: Amazin Avenue Annual
Amazin Avenue: Check out the blog

I placed my order for mine today, and am looking forward to checking it out. I post a review of it once I get a chance to sit down with it in a week or two.

My only question is how can a dude get to be a a part of this? It’s a goal for 2011!

Time to turn the page

Nobody will ever mistake me for a rose-colored-glasses Mets fan. I tend to lean way way to the pessimistic. Now with camp open though it’s time to turn the page. While I fully admit Mets fans will never forget the last few seasons, it’s time to put them in the past.

How can we expect the team to put it behind then, how can we create a new “culture” and chart a new direction for the franchise if we as fans and bloggers constantly harp on the negative. I’m a married man, and I am far from perfect, and if my wife continually harped on all the stupid stuff I’ve have done in the past, the future wouldn’t be a happy one. Instead you learn from the little issues and create a great future together. Much can be the same with the Mets. Lets hope that the Mets can learn from the past and use it as motivation. A new page is being written now with the new front office, a transition that I love and have high hopes for in the long run.

As a website I want to start to focus our attention on the field. As fascinated as I am with the entire Madoff story, it really wont have any(more) effect on this current team so I will try to put that to the back burner. It’s a huge story, and one I will personally follow closely, but I will promise to not let it effect the day-to-day operations of the team … blog.

Lets have fun and watch some baseball. It’s a great time of year. Take realistic expectations and try to find storylines you want to follow closely this season. For me I am really anxious to see what Thole and Davis can do in Year 2. I am a youth/prospect guy so I love to watch players develop. Find the little niches that will interest you day to day, I find it helps a lot and can draw you into the team even more.

Spring training 2011 is upon us, so let’s play ball.